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SBEII Shell loading sideways


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I went turkey hunting last week and fired a shot and the 2nd shell (live round) loaded sideways with the brass stuck in the breech and the shell sticking out sideways. It has now happened twice. I was shooting nitro shells with 2oz loads.


The gun has been cleaned several times. Any ideas ? I have never had issues with my SBEII cycling shells.





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Very odd. Sounds like a problem with the lifter ... somehow your fired shell is getting extracted just fine, and the new shell being lifted up is getting hit at such an angle that it turns almost 90 degrees and gets stuck as a stovepipe ... Not sure why that would happen.

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Is it just with the Nitro turkey loads?


Maybe try a different turkey load and see what it does. Doubt it would make a difference, but if it has never happened with a regular field load I have no idea why it would be happening now.


I would not want to try this turkey hunting because of the noise the shell would make, but load the gun and hit the cartridge drop lever to throw another out of the magazine and see if that will replicate the problem.

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