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Stag Arms Model 6?


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I haven't really looked to much into savages. What kind of accuracy have you guys seen with the model 12? I have been leaning towards a semi-auto since I shoot left handed since there just easier to find around here. That stag 6 guarantees a 1/2 MOA group at 100 yards, that's pretty hard to beat IMO.

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I don't have a model 6, but I do have a stag lower on my AR.

Never had a problem with it.


That seems to be the case with everybody I have talked to. I have found only a handful of reviews and none of them are very extensive. If/when I order one I will have to do it sight unseen as I cant find one locally anywhere. I have called every gun store within a 3 hour drive and nobody has one in stock. Just my luck.

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