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LH M2 20ga?


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Talking with the Benelli marketing manger at the SHOT Show he shared that about 10% of the population shoots left handed and less than 10% of shotgun sales are 20 ga it doesn't make since. So if you are looking for a 20 ga M2, do like the rest of us left handers do. Buy a left handed 12 ga or buy a 20 ga and have the safety flipped around.

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I call b$! Do to many of us gaining in years, and the improvement in ammo, there is a larger demand than ever for 20's. I think these "sale reps" should think outside the box a little. With all us "baby boomers" getting up in age, IMO, 20's are going to be in big demand very soon. My main quarry is dove/ quail, occaisional turkey. I'm over trying to prove my man hood.

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You don't have to shoot the magnum loads in a 12 ga., but you do have to meet the minimum load requirements in inertia operated guns.

Even still, there's a lot of wiggle room in there for load selection, so you can easily scale down on the loads and still shoot a gun that weighs nearly the same as a 20 ga. and recoils similarly.


To be honest, given your listed quarry, you should consider a nice 20 ga. double.


Franchi is offering some nice rebates on theirs now.


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