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FOR SALE: SuperNova Tactical and accessories, if needed


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I am selling my SuperNova Tactical which comes equipped with ghost ring sights and a SteadyGrip stock. It has seen only 50 rounds or so since I bought it new just over one year ago. Also, I have a Comfortech stock which I am needing to sell, either with or without the gun.


In addition, I have miscellaneous accessories such as a weapon mounted light (by Insight), a Mesa Tactical shell carrier, a Nordic Components +2 mag extension and the like.


In terms of the shotgun, I am asking $400 (minus S+H). For the Comfortech stock, I am asking $65 (including shipping). If you buy this stock with the gun, I will sell it for $50.


If interested in the other accessories, please PM me for prices.


BTW- While I would certainly be willing to ship the shotgun out of state, I would prefer to sell locally. Either way, this gun will ship from Oklahoma City. If bought locally, the price will be $400 cash. If bought out of state, again, I will ask for $400+S&H (via PayPal only).


Keep in mind, this is not a desperate sale. So, don't expect me to just give this weapon away. Hence, the price is fairly non-negotiable. If I have to sell it for much less, I would be better off keeping the weapon.


However, the accessories I really do not need, save for the NC extension, regardless of whether or not I sell the shotgun. This includes the Comfortech stock. So, if you are not wanting the gun but are interested in the stock or whatever, don't hesitate to contact me.


PM me if interested or if you have any questions. Thanks.


Here is a pic, albeit a bad one, of this gun...along with some of the previously mentioned accessories.



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I tried to send a pm but I'm new to the forum; do you have any additional pictures? I'm interested and would like to see some more.


This is the only pic I have for now. I can try to take a few more for those who are truly interested in this gun.


But, pictures wont do this gun justice. It is "like new" and rock solid.


As a side note- If any are wondering why I am selling this gun, it is simply because I have opted to make the Mossberg 590A1 my primary shotgun of choice, for various reasons. Hence, the Benelli is now my "safe queen" and in essence, is no longer needed.


Also, if some here are interested in either the gun and/or accessories, yet cannot reconcile the price(s), PM me and let me know why. Maybe we can work something out....if reasonable.

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