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Montefeltro Super 90 LH parts?


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Hi all. I'll apologize now if I'm repeating previous posts, but my searches have come up empty.

I bought a 12ga. Montefeltro Super90 Lefty many years ago, and I love it.

It + #1 buckshot have killed more deer for me in the woods than any rifle I've bought to replace it, and although its wood shows its miles, it still shoots like new.

By the way, I've heard it'll take a bird or two as well, so I guess I should try that one day.:)


Anyway, since my gun spends 99% of its time in my home, I've started looking for a short barrel and a PG stock to dress it down while it's laying around out of work. Any idea if these are available for my model?

Are any other models' defense parts compatible with mine?


Thanks in advance.


(ps. I like how the forum spell checker dings on Montefeltro)

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