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Tube extension for an M-2 tactical - Where are they available?

M2 Tactical

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Originally posted by M2 Tactical:

Tube extension to a Pistol grip M-2 tactical any leads on where they are?

In black: part number 80087P is the 2-shot, 80155 is the 4-shot. If you want camo, you have to look for the part numbers yourself. Note that the SBE2 and M2 use the same extensions, and the ones for the M1 and SBE also fit - so much information on the web is a little confusing, they might be labelled extensions for the M1 or for the SBE.


For further information (both on the import ban, and on mag extensions in general), check this forum, and also shotgunworld.com. I had started two threads there on a related set of questions.


Here is some prices I found on the web for the 4-shot extension. None of these vendors have been verified by phone. There are probably many other vendors.

http://www.dnrsports.com $62.50

http://www.lisc.net/p377.htm $59.50

http://www.bearams.com $75


There is also a lot of info available on the web (including this website) about the problems of future availability. Because of some bizarre BATF rule, Benelli can't (or doesn't want to) import the extensions any longer. So if you want one, you might want to act fast, before all the Benelli-made ones are sold. I have no idea how many more are in dealer stock.


Is the M-2 really new?


When was it introduced?

People with more experience can correct me, but I think it was introduced one or two years ago. The M2 tactical was officielly released this spring only.


Usual obnoxious comment: Check the laws of your area about not turning your shotty into an assault weapon by mistake. Here's what little I know: Having more than 10 shots is totally out (federal ban). Other than that, you are OK, even with a pistol grip (as long as you stay away from collapsible stocks). Strangely, California doesn't seem to have tighter rules, so a pistol-grip tactical with a 4-shot extension seems to be legal.


Note that the M2 is just about the only semi-auto shotty that can easily be converted from a tactical configuration (18.5" barrel, 4-shot extension, hang all the accessory junk you love on it) to a trap/skeet/hunting gun (28" barrel), and even to a slug gun with a rifled barrel. This makes it very appealing to me (little room in the gun safe, like to have exactly one gun and get good with it, instead of having to switch between many dissimilar guns, and like this I can tell my wife that I only bought one gun in the year, just a $2500 gun once you pay for all the extra barrels). Still, given the high initial cost of the M2 and in particular of add-on barrels, it might be nearly as cheap to get three separate cheaper guns. Another appealing feature of the M2 is the stock, which reportedly takes a lot of the sting out of recoil. On the negative side: gas-operated guns also take a lot of the sting out of recoil. And you can get other shotties for much cheaper than a Benelli. For example, three Remington 1100/1187 together might cost about the same as one M2 with three barrels, in particular since you can get used Remingtons. Also, Benelli has a reputation for bad customer service (most repairs need to be sent in to Benelli, parts are slow to get); some of the discussions on this forum show the tip of the iceberg. On the other hand, common guns (like Winchesters and Remingtons) can get fixed by many gunsmith, and spare parts are either stocked locally, or very fast to get.


Furthermore, the Benelli is clearly the much better engineered-gun, compared to old-fashioned gas semi-autos. It has one issue: It is not designed to cycle light clay loads (official minimum seems to be 1 1/8 oz). Some people claim it works fine with target loads, others say it doesn't. The best reliability choice in semi-autos for light clay loads seem to be some of the Remingtons that are designed for it (in particular the 1100, can only handle 2 3/4 inch shells, or some 11-87 models that are designated as "target").


I know, this is a real dilemma, many pro and cons each way. I'll face that one next spring.


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As far as I understand the situation (and I'm not a lawyer, I just read internet forums):


The 922 stuff pertains to companies importing parts that can be used to make assault weapons, and is part on the 15-year old ban (decreed by Bush Sr.) on importing assault weapons, which preceeded the AWB. It is currently interpreted as saying that Benelli can not import magazine extensions from Italy, because you can use those to build an assault weapon (which would be a shotgun with both a pistol grip and a folding stock and a mag extension).


It does not have consequences for the magazines that are already in the country. Nor does it have consequences on individuals using those magazines, as long as they don't built assault weapons with them.


The only thing this means is that Benelli has stopped importing extensions. That's why people like me are thinking about buying the extension right now while dealers still have them in stock, even though I haven't bought a Benelli shotgun yet, matter-of-fact I'm not even sure I will buy a M2 (see post above for a discussion of the pro and con of M2 versus 1187).

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