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What woud you do?


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So I recently purchased a Mesa tactical side saddle for my M1, but it is the integrated rail/shell carrier made for the M4. Why you ask? Because my M1 receiver was already tapped to accept the M4 accessory.


I got a great deal on the carrier, but once I installed it... I realized it was now blocking my rifle sights. :o


So my dilemma begins, I could run a red dot like the Micro T1, I use a clone on my AR and have had zero issues. But I am leary of the shotgun recoil verses the AR's when it comes to longevity.


Or, I can just resell this side saddle and buy the option that retains the rifle sights.


Opinions? thanks in advance.

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:D ... not enough beans in the jar for the M4. thanks skeeter!


Quick!!!....Get more beans!!!! :)


Like Tucker is indicating, I'd sell it and get the right one for your sights. If you hang both a side saddle and red dot on the M1S90 you may run into cycling problems due to the extra weight.





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