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What Slugs/Buckshot is Everyone Using in Their M4?


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Hi all,


I was just wondering what slugs/buckshot you guys were using with success in your M4.

I have tried the top shelf Federal LE132 00, 133 00, and LE127RS. All function perfectly but the patterns/accuracy isn't that great. The slug accuracy was particulary poor.


Should I try another choke besides the factory modified?


Interestingly enough, the cheap Wolf and SB ammo performs awesome but I'm concerned that I could be using better performing loads, terminally speaking.


Anyone have any recommendations? I did a search but I didn't find much.



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These are what I run in my M4-11703 with a Tru-loc breacher choke (cyl) and aimpoint T-1


Slugs: Winchester power point, a one ounce slug @ 1700 fps.... shoots one big hole @25yds.....no feeding problems.


Buckshot: Fed 132 00, the flight control gives a tight group @ longer range, and no feeding problems


My newest test shell: Winchester PDX1 Personal-defense, three 00 buck atop a one ounce slug. The slug hit dead center with the 00 forming a triangle about three in. from the center on a target I saw. Cabela's has this shell for $13.00 per 10.




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Hey folks,


I'm in a buckshot tryouts with my M4 and taking pictures of my patterns. I hope to be done and compile them all in one long post for everyone's benefit, interest or just ranting at my unscientific methods. :p


I'm finding all the 2.75" buckshot loads I can, putting a full-size silhouette target out to 30ft, and shooting once to CM, once to head. I'm measuring both groups C-C and putting and including the box of ammo I used so people can tell which type it is. Give me a few days yet. All I can find so far is about ten different types locally.


Oddly enough though, Federal 2.75" seems to be the best buckshot patterning I've found.


Slugs. . that's another tryout I have to do yet as well. I'll do that maybe later in the month.

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