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Aside from the 4+1 capacity compared to the 3+1 capacity, what are the differences between the Benelli Montefeltro (black receiver) 12ga and the Benelli M2 field 12ga? Both are $1265 MSRP I found the Monte for $1090 new.


Comfort Teck stock or wood stock - wood, black synthetic and camo...check them out here:



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I was just making these comparos myself a couple months ago.


Monte is pretty much an M2, but as Hattles stated, the stock. The Monte also has a blued finish on receiver and barrel vs the M2 will have a matte finish.


Nearly the same weight, both Inertia.


Which one calls to your soul, and get that one.


Me, it was for trap and clays shooting, so I got a Supersport. I would've been happy w/ either of the two you ask about.


Best of luck!

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Thanks for the detail in comparing them, looking at the website info didn't provide much detail difference between the two, aside from the obvious stock choice and comfortech availability.


I love the feel of the SuperSport - it's just a bit above the ceiling of what I can allocate to this purchase!


If you don't mind me asking, did you compare the Benelli to the Browning Maxxus before buying the SuperSport? I know they're in different price ranges, but the Maxxus is closer to the M2 and Monte price-wise. And gas operated vs. Inertia driven.


This is my first auto-loader, I've bought Browning O/U for skeet and Sporting Clays and occasional hunt (pheasant) so this would be my first Benelli, I've talked to a number shooters at the range that love their Benelli's.


Thanks for the information - I really appreciate it.

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Hey Doc!


I went into the purchase pretty much wanting a Benelli for trap shooting, but did look at other autos. I bought my first Benelli; a Benelli M4 earlier in the spring which had me love Benellis! I went into my endeavor for a trap gun wanting a 2nd Bennie but disciplined myself(however biased) that I'd buy the one that called to me, fit me, which one upon raising it to my sight plane begged to be shot right then!


For *ME*, the Monte felt good and was going to be the one I would purchase. I then found a guy on Gunbroker that traded my Wilson-Combat AR15 for the Supersport(that took all of about ten seconds to agree on!) Oddly enough, I wanted a wood stock, but ended up with the techie-looking Supersport. I like it though. DEFINITELY try the adjustable shims and such. I'm a leftie, and just the bit of shimmage/adjustment/tweaking was well worth it. It went from a decent fitting gun to . . . POP, right in the pocket and up on target!


Other autos I liked were the Winchester SX3 and Beretta A391 (Urika or something like that I think.) My second choice would've likely been the Winchester. I had a Rem 11-87 before too, but it seemed like I always had to adjust to make it fit for good sight picture. I guess a new Beretta A400 is coming out, but I have not seen one or really looked into them at all. All good guns, but..... I got the SS. I have not had one single malfunction in my SS! In fact, I just got back from shooting trap with my wife and dad. :D


Oddly enough though, I am now looking at Browning O/U, just because they're pretty!! NOT getting rid of the SS, just want an O/U becuase I think they look neat. I like the Browning 625 Clays 32" lefty gun. MAN, that just seems to fit like an extension of my arm. (SIGH!) $3k though! :(


Anyway, off topic, sorry. Benelli is easy to clean/maintain. Not like others are difficult, but Benelli being Inertia are just that much easier.


Got with fit though in guns that fit your pocketbook.


Happy weekend to ya!



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Got with fit though in guns that fit your pocketbook.


HA I like that you say that after the saga of how you acquired your benellis :p


Doc I'll echo what twowheel said about the ease of maintenance and reliability of benellis. This being your first auto the inertia system is about as easy as it gets for cleaning and maintenance, not that gas is difficult just more involved as far as I am concerned. You won't be sorry if you get a benelli.

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Thanks 2 wheel - you and I seem like were on the same path headed in different directions. I started with O/U - I've got a Weatherby Orion grade 3 12ga, and 2 Browning Citori's that are 20 ga. I love them all and I'm not selling them, just looking for something a bit different to shoot. I love the simplicity of the O/U as well as the looks.


I started looking at the Weatherby SA-08, which seems like great value, the more I looked at one of those the more I thought - for a bit more - ok twice the price - I could buy a Benelli that I thought I wasn't close to (I thought they were much more money). Like I said, I loved the feel of the SS, but a bit too much for an extra gun. I really like the feel of the Monte and the M2.


I like the look of the wood Monte and M2, but I'm thinking the synthetic with ComfortTech might be smart to look at as well. Running though 4 to 5 boxes of shells my shoulder will thank me.


I've heard Benelli's are a breeze to clean - great to hear verification of that from you guys. I'm headed to Cabala's tomorrow, I'll let you know what I pick up. Thanks again for all the input.


Have a great weekend!

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Bought a Montefeltro 12ga standard receiver walnut w/ 28" barrel today - IL law I can pick it up tomorrow.


Looking forward to tearing it apart and heading to the range next weekend.



Thanks for the input everyone.


Congratulations and a good choice...I'm sure you'll be happy with it. I still shoot my 18yo original wood stocked HK/Benelli SBE that came with high luster blueing and wood, not the satin finish. I've owned two SBE's, 1-20ga Montefeltro and my newest is my Vinci. As Benelli automatics go, I've got enough to last me the rest of my life and then pass them on through another generation. The new Beretta X400 is cool but damn it's expensive, especially with the kick-off system.

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