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best customizable hard case for (shot)gun?


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i'm looking for a hard case for my benelli m4 and some spare sparts of the nelli.

now i need a hard case that i can (easily?) adapt to my needs, f.e. the micro-t1 on the nelli, sling, weaponlight etc.


what would you recommend? i only know pelican as a trusted company so far.

and what about foam? it's rather simple to customize it, but i've heard bad things about guns rusting when stored for a longer period...

any truth to that? what are other options, if foam's no good?


thanks for sharing your wisdom!

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Definitely Pelican. These guys have a great selction and pretty decent prices. They also have a "closed cell" foam option that I haven't seen anywhere else. The standard Pelican foam is open cell which can hold moisture which, of course, leads to rusting. The closed cell is supposed to be better. You can read about it on their site.




With that said, cases like this aren't really designed for long term storage for exactly the reason you mention. For long term storage I would go with a gun safe in a nice dry location.


I have one of their 1720 cases with closed cell foam and love it. Cutting the foam took a little time but I actually found it easier to cut than the pelican pick and pluck foam. You need a long sharp knife and some patience. I also found it useful to mark an outline of the gun with some pins and use a yard stick as a cutting guide. Or you can pay them to cut it for you but I looked into it and it wasn't cheap.



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ok, so it's best to go with the closed cell foam?


now i just need to figure out which case to get, or if i want to fit my pistols in an extra case.


btw whats the difference between hardiggs and the normal pelican cases?

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Hardigg was acquired by Pelican. Hardigg storm cases sold after the acquisition are covered by the Pelican warranty. I called Pelican tech support and asked, he essentially told me that now they are one company offering 100 cases not 2 companies offering 50. Same features, construction, foam, etc...

Check these out, http://www.guncruzer.com/ . I got the 2n2, and I'm very satisfied. They can also custom build you whatever you want, just call or email.

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