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Break Free vs. M-Pro 7


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I have read many reviews on Break Free and M-Pro 7 and both sound like good products. I would like to know if one is better than the other and if so why? I will be purchasing some supplies over weekend and want to get the best. Please provide so experience with products and opinions.




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I actually use both and alternate between the two regularly.


MPRO7 - I like this as a cleaner that strips away everything even hints of lube. No smell, so you can clean in a closed environment. You obviously have to add lube after. Oh and it's a little pricey.


BREAKFREE- Your all around go to cleaner, lube and seal. Smells is strong and potent. Comes in a variety to include wipes, spray and aerosol. Packaged deal on this one and it's cheaper...WALMART is about $5.00 a can.


I personally gravitate towards odorless mineral spirits and breakfree to lube. There are better lubes out there such as Machine Gunners, but it is $$$...

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After trying breakfree on several hanguns, shotguns and rifles I belive it is better suited to lube my fathers rod & reel.

The regular CLP may clean good but as a lube it well sucks. Oil your gun before a range trip and then check it out afterwords and you will find no oil where it gets hot. This stuff burns off with even minimal use and a full range trip will have you shooting a dry gun less than 100rds in.

I have also tried out there LP which they say is suited for semi-auto & high rate of fire weapons. This stuff is a little thicker but still shows signs of quick burn off and lasts just a little longer than CLP.

On my Benelli/Beretta stuff I use there regular Oilio and the Oilio with teflon.

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