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Got a new turkey gun pics


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That's a nice a nice gun. You don't mind me asking how much it cost? I saw the same one on jho site. With a bunch of hunting pictures more so with a few fish pictures these sites have great references provided by google search



Fishing women


I also brought my scatter gun on a fishing trip and liked my benelli and thought i'd post some pictures for you.

So you asked for links to free picture hosts them so I thought I'd post my own Fish pictures gallery

You can check out most on http://www.google.com


Site links:


Braggin' Board

Saltwater Fishing

Freshwater Fishing

Fishing Women

Trout fishing pictures

Bass fishing pictures

Salmon fishing pictures

Walleye fishing pictures

Catfish fishing

Crappie fishing pictures

Striper fishing pictures

Deep Sea Fishing

game fish pictures

Billfish pictures

Grouper fishing pictures

snook fishing pictures

Tuna fishing pictures

Tarpon fishing pictures

Cobia fishing pictures

Snapper fishing pictures

Halibut fishing pictures

King Mackerel fishing pictures

Barracuda fishing pictures

Fly Fishing pictures

Bowfishing pictures

Kayak Fishing pictures

Spear Fishing pictures

Ice Fishing pictures

Fly tying pictures

Rod Building

Taxidermy pictures

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I traded a old beat up 48 al 20 ga .

worth about 300-400$. but i dont like 20's or semi autos .And the 10 ga dnt kick me around like other's it's koinda addicting to shoot . But i have to remind my self at the ammo price . but it's only a 3$ per box-25 rds internet it great for getting ammo.it's considerably louder than a 12 3.5 becasue the larger bore etc. But it's a hoot to shoot .next im going to get a 213 sxs 10 ga or vinci :D but 10's are funner to shoot

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Guest fileextension

Im into turkey hunting but actually I dont know if I used the right weapon. I am interested to buy one but hopefully it will not cost that much

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i wish benelli would make the super nova in 10 ga or vinci . it's not what every thinks and more that what nay says think . its very fun to shoot though. every time i get the chance i let someone shoot it and they say wow its not that bad . shells not more than 12 ga 3.5 but are cause people compare them to 2 3/4" 12 ga shells

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That really looks like a “cruel” fellow but I am sure that the new turkey gun must be great to carry around while hunting out there!! I am sure it is an improvement of the last one he owned and will sure help him to become confident of shooting some good game again!!



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That 2nd pic is kind of scary haha. Anytime a gun is pointed in my direction even if it is a pic, I get nervous. Nice looking turkey gun though. I like the camo.


If any one has knows of any discounts, coupons , bargains or sales on hunting gear please let me know. My gear is getting old and my boys need some too. Thanks.

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