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Hey guys/gals, I've been shooting handguns for years, and have only shot shotguns a few times. I am very interested in the Nova Tactical and I was curious to know what the best type of ammo to shoot at a range would be? Forgive the ignorance :) I am brand new to shotguns and what to use in different shooting scenarios. Thank you for the help!

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fit4 -

A tactical of any make isn't really very good for skeet, trap, or sporting clays. You can shoot it there, just don't expect results that will be indicative of what you may be capable of. The short length of the weapon will promote a swing that will be less than fluid. Which will generate some bad habits


Some shotguns are sold with a combo barrel, a short version for tactical, and a long for hunting and would be better suited to clay targets. You may want to check those out.



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Told ya I was new :) It would be a typical handgun/rifle range. Some stations have poppers but nothing like clays or skeet, etc. I am in the police academy now so tactical is an obvious choice. Just need to get in some practice with it and I'm lookin for ammo that's not to hard on the wallet but is close enough to what I will be carrying while on duty.

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Welcome to the forum.


For target shooting, and just getting pellets downrange, you'll do fine with promotional loads from Wal-Mart, Dick's, etc. ~avg price, $22-$25/100 shells.


If you're in police training, I would STRONGLY recommend you purchase some "dummy" rounds as well. I would also STRONGLY urge you to purchase obvious dummy rounds, so that they're bright orange/yellow, etc. Then you can practice malfunction reactions.


What do I mean you ask? Well, ammunition is pretty reliable, but in the event you have a "click" vs the expected bang, don't sit around and hope it'll fire, get used to rack-it and shoot again. Also practice reload drills. load ONE shell, fire, reload, fire.... etc.


Best of luck, and try out different ammos to see what works best for you.


Once you hit the street... BE SAFE!!!!



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