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Left handed question for ya.


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Does the M4 come with the adjustment shims for cast on? If so, I'd take the time to put them in for left hand cast ("on"). I know the Beretta guns have the shims for this adjustment, but my Benelli M1 Field only had drop adjustment. I found some other shims that I had to drill out a bit to get to fit around the M1 spring tube that goes down into the stock. It made a difference for me. Perhaps you are used to shooting right hand cast guns left-handed, but that is difficult at best. If your sight line is not right down the rib, well you'll be off. Your eye is the rear sight after all. Unless you've shot enough to shoot from the hip of course!

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I wouldn't think on an M4 that you would need to worry about cast on for L/H shooting since it's a tactical weapon that comes with zero cast.


As far as the ejected hulls and spent gases flying by your face, R/H Benelli's have never been known as abusive to the face's of L/H shooters. But you will always want to wear glasses when you shoot it.


The bigger issue is controls. The safety, bolt, and bolt release all being on the "wrong" side but since you're already used to shooting R/H guns, you've probably already adapted to those control issues as well.


Enjoy your M4. It's a very cool tactical shotgun!

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I too am left-handed. The M4 as indicated is zero cast, so there are no shims to worry about.


There are no problems with either hull ejection or gases in the face. The control issues are no big deal to adapt to - I've been doing this with "right-handed" weapons my whole life.


It is pretty straight-forward to pivot your left hand around the pistol grip to allow disengaging the safety with your thumb - your finger will already be off the trigger anyway.


For me, the bolt handle and release being located on the right side are actually convenient - I can operate either with my support hand while still maintaining the weapon in low ready. Both aspects of this assume you have either the pistol-grip stock, or skeletonized version of the stock.

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