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Super Black Eagle 2 problems with magazine. HELP


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i have about 400 rounds through my SBE2 and i have had jam after jam and problem after problem. but i was told it is a break in period. It stopped jamming so much but now the magazine wont feed in the new shells. i have to shoot one then hand load another in. The lever that lifts the shells into place goes through the motions perfectly but the magazine just wont let the shells out. i clean my gun thoroughly every time i shoot it. but it still just doesnt let the piece release the shells out........ kind of pissing me off since it was $1800.......

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Send it back or try replacing the carrier latch and spring. Benelli will send you one free if you call them with your serial number. Worth a try...it fixed my M2 a while back.


However, if it is occurring every time with all shells, I would send it back. That would be an easy fix for Benelli. Problems that don't occur every time are harder for them.


good luck, jed

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