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Duck hunting


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Quoting the IL DNR,

"For the 2005-2006 migratory waterfowl season, the state of Illinois and Federal agencies have decided to try an experimental "no holds barred" waterfowl season, removing any and all restrictions.

This means that for this season only (October 1 thru February 28, hunters will be able to shoot any and all waterfowl without concern for bag limits, weapon legality, species, method taken, and so on.


Specifically, there will be no imposed limits of any kind on any waterfowl you choose to take.

Shoot whatever comes your way! It's too confusing trying to tell one duck from another in pre-dawn light anyway.

Speaking of pre-dawn light, the DNR has also ruled that hunters can take waterfowl at any time of the day, as long as there's enough light to safely see that what they think they're shooting is a bird of some kind.

There are no limits on shotgun capacities, and magazine extensions are allowed this season.

Lead shot is also allowed, as we've determined that we'd rather have a few shorebirds poisoned than a bunch of wounded ducks flopping around and feeding the coyotes.

Electronic calls, throw nets, live decoys, and baiting are also going to be allowed this season. Did we leave something out? Doesn't matter, if you can think of another way to kill waterfowl, it's legal!


Since these rules changes have basically done away with the rules, enforcement is no longer necessary. We estimate that laying off the bulk of the state's conservation officers will save millions of dollars, and every hunter should expect a rebate check in March (as soon as we've had time to crunch the numbers).

We're also considering sponsoring a 'Most swans slayed in a day' contest with a cash prize of $25,000!


We look forward to hearing from waterfowlers on the success of this bold experiment, and we encourage you to take lots of pictures and video of your hunts and to share them with us.


So remember, in Illinois, if it flies - it dies!"


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