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I'm really not sure the integrated fore ends are the way to go. I've got one on my 870. The integrated switching mechanism is certainly nice. But they're heavier and not easily removable. And they're pretty expensive when you consider you can strap a 6P on the front end for a lot less money and it does the same job. Heck, you can upgrade it with a Malkoff drop in or similar and it does a better job.

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Hey Duggan,


Yeah... The top one was nice for 1998 when I bought it but I really haven't done anything to it since.


I have a light setup for the LMT setup with a pressure pad in a TangoDown grip but I got tired of having the VFG on there. I'll pick up one of the rail covers with the pad insert one of these days. I stuck some Troy tritiums on the LMT upper since I took the pick too.




Hookster :)

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I concluded today that this is what I'll mount on my M4. The Surefire M80 quad rail, onto which I'll install my M600LED weaponlight with this switch to activate:




I'll cover the exposed rail with some Pic-rail covers. I was also going to mount the Magpul angled foregrip on the bottom rail.


What I like about what I *HOPE* to accomplish is that when I take the M4 apart for cleaning, the light will come off with the foregrip. PLUS I gain a point towards 922r compliance, not that I really care, but it's just nice to know.


Soooo,it's kinda sorta a dedicated weapon light. Anyway, $.02.





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