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Benelli M2 ComforTech stock


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Hey everyone! I recently bought a nice used Benelli M2. It came with a Pistol grip stock installed, but it also had the ComforTech stock included that it originally came with. I took the pistolgrip off and wanted to install the ComforTech, but now I think I may be missing a part or 2. Can someone tell me what parts are needed to properly install the ComforTech stock?

What I have is:


The stock itself.

A plastic piece inside the stock.

Nut and washer.


I also noticed the stock doesn't seem to fit tight up against the receiver of the gun. Is there some sort of gasket that goes between the stock and receiver?


Thanks for the help! I want to get this thing put back together.

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There should be a plastic piece with two **** sticking out of it that goes between the stock and receiver along with a plastic shim for your fit! There should be a piece flat steel that goes in the stock that is reversible to give you left or right cast! Then your washer and nut. You should easily find a diagram on this sight if you do a search.

Good luck!

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Can someone tell me if these are the parts I am missing? If so, I'll just buy them and not bother Benelli. I think the parts I need are 4,6, and 7 from the benelli manual.



I'm not at home so I can't download the benelli manual to check if they are the correct parts.


Thanks a lot.

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