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First one of the fall season.

KB Fab

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Nice bird, KB. Looks like she took a load to the neck. What is your gun/shell/choke combo? Good luck on the getting more, part..Mike


Thanks. Yep, right in the neck. I'm using my Super Sport (28" barrel) and took this shot with a 3" Remington Nitro Turkey #5 shot. I have an Indian Creek #0005 crio turkey choke with a .665 constriction.

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That is a fine catch for the first of the fall season and I am sure that there'll be quite a few more from where that came from, seeing how good he is with his gun!! He has done a good job of it as well - now all that remains to be done is to cook and have a feast of it!!




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Just wanted to congratulate you. Good job!

I live in Southern Ohio and a friend and I had a 376 acre "Mead / Westvaco" paper company lease for 10 years but after they logged sections of it 4 times we disgustedly gave it up.

This coming April it will be 2 years since I've had a place to hunt.

Enough with the crying, Congratulations!!!



Jackson, Ohio

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That's a real nice catch. It's not going to get any fresher than that. If only you caught in in time for Thanksgiving!


If any one has knows of any discounts, coupons , bargains or sales on hunting gear please let me know. My gear is getting old and my boys need some too. Thanks.

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