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vinci load problems


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The past 2 times ive been out trap shooting my vinci fails to completely load a shell every so often. Its not failing to eject the spent cartridge, but the shell coming from the mag gets stuck about 3/4 the way out. Its almost as if its not getting pushed out fast enough before its trying to get pushed up to the chamber. Any ideas? would i need to disassemble the magazine tube and lube something in there? also, i havent had any troubles with my duck loads, just the light loads.

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The load is to light. You need 1 1/8oz loads minimum for the Inertia system to work. Your duck loads are most likely heavier than your trap loads. All Inertia driven Benellis are the same and recommended by Benelli to use 1 1/8 minimum. It's called the Law of Inertia. Once well broken in, some have been known to feed lighter load when the gun is well lubricated and kept clean. If you are already shooting 1 1/8+, try cleaning and generous lube on the action and rails.

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I don't have a Vinci, but I thought they were designed to cycle lighter loads a little better than other models. I got two buddies with Vincis and they both shoot light loads good (shot light loads right out of box).


However, if you are saying that the shell is hanging up 1/2 way out of the mag tube, then your problem may be a dirty mag tube and/or weak mag spring. Not sure how old it is, but this is an easy thing to try first. Disassemble the mag tube and clean very good. Make sure the follower (little plastic or alumium piece at end of spring) is real clean and smooth. Make sure the spring looks good and clean. I don't lube the tube since it attracks dirt, etc.


I had a friend with an M2 doing this same thing the other day. A good mag cleaning fixed the problem. He had the plastic follower.


Good luck.



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I have experienced the problem you describe. I don’t think your problem is “light loads” since the gun is ejecting the spent shell. If there is excessive drag/friction on the bolt’s movement, your recoil-operated shotgun may not load the next shell reliably.


My fix for this problem is thoroughly cleaning the gun after each use and then applying a light amount of gun oil onto the bolt-rail. Since the gun-oil attracts debris, it’s important to clean this off (the oil you placed on the bolt-rail) after each use; and then reapply the oil so that the bolt returns smoothly and with adequate force to load the next shell.


It would be very helpful if you can verify this or provide the steps you finally take to fix the problem.



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