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magazine tube removal


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Has anyone out there ever tried to remove the mag. tube from their Benelli. End of season cleaning needs to have this done, I feel. All kinds of crap ends up in there,[sticks, bits of leaves, condensation] I finally got the dam thing off, after 2 phone calls to the company.

I was just wondering if anyone else has tried.

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Yep, just did it the other day on my M-4.


After taking the barrel, bolt and trigger guard off, I first took my GF's hairdryer to it with no affect. It gets hot as **** (reciever and mag tube), but it isn't enough heat to "break" the loctite. I must have heated it for 30min, put an old engine tube (sliced down the middle) to protect the mag tube and used vice grips. Didn't move a mm. Just a waste of time.


I decided to take the hair dryer approach even though it was recommended to use a torch or heat gun. I figured I wanted to use the least amount of heat, so I didn't FUBAR my new toy ;)


So...I tried a butane torch next...the one I use for my crack pipe (kidding). You know the cooking kind. I don't know abt your SG, but mine has a hex nut looking thing that the mag tube screws into...so I heated that area for abt 2-3 min at first, put some gloves on and wedged the reciever between my legs and tuurrrrned...nope, not hot enough yet. Tried again after a few more min. of heat and bingo, it slowly started to unscrew.


I cleaned up the area with a brush (loctite just flakes off), reapplied blue loctite, and put my one piece extended mag tube on.


Hope this helps, Rob

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