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New Semi-Auto


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Looking for opinions.


I'm looking at getting a new Semi-Auto Benelli. I want an all around gun good for Clays, Upland Birds, Turkeys, Coyotes, and basically anything else. The only thing that I am not into is Waterfoul. Tried it once about 10 yrs ago and did'nt much care for it.


Now, I would like to go with a Benelli. That being said, this is my dilemma.


I like the look of the new SS, I really like the extended crio chokes and the longer barrel. Cons are that it only goes up to 3" (not sure if I need 3.5", have'nt yet), and it's too flashy for turkeys.


The next option was the SBE II in camo. First question I have here is, does the camo barrel get lost in the background when pulling up on a bird? Pros, are that it can go to 3.5" (again I'm not sure if I need 3.5") but it's there if I ever do. Cons, it only comes with standard crio chokes, and I prefer the extended crio chokes since they are much easier to change (no tool) when in the field or at the range. I really like the Timber camo but there again I prefer the 28" barrel and that is only offered in the Max 4 camo. Another question; would I look out of place at the clays range with a Camo gun?


Also, I have heard some mixed stories about some of the lighter loads that some people have had success with the SS and SBE II, on Clays. As fun as these guns sound I'm sure I'll be doing alot of that.


The other gun I considered was the cordoba. But that is only a Matte Black gun and I am steering away from that finish. I have an 870 pump in matte and it seems to collect surface rust easily. And I keep my guns cleaned and lubed very well.


This all being said I am basically down to choosing 1 of 2 guns, the SS or the SBE II (not sure about 26" Timber or 28" Max 4). Even though I prefer the Timber Camo, I would most likely choose the Max 4 camo just for the longer barrel ( I just like the longer feel). My head tells me to go for the SBE II for the greater perceived utility. But something in me really likes the "Look" of the SS.


Sorry for rambling on so much, but I have been debating this decision for quite awhile, and I hope that you folks in this forum can help.

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Originally posted by Fixitman:

Looking for opinions.


does the camo barrel get lost in the background when pulling up on a bird?

Wow, I never even thought of that. Excellent question. I'll be interested to hear what some of these guys have to say about that.


As for Timber vs. Max4 - I agree, I like the Timber better, but the more you look at the Max4 I think you will change your mind. It really is quite versitile as for where you can use it for its intended purpose.


SBE II 28" Max4. If I get a Benelli, that's the one I'll be getting.

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I've never looked at the barrel while shooting - I look at the bird and the rest is just automatic.


The vent rib is ridged so it just appears dark when shooting.


Take a Max 4 gun outside in the natural light - it does not look nearly as yellow as it does inside a store. Eight toms didn't seem to notice the Max 4 this season.


Buy the SBE II and don't look back.....


mudhen - CA

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Thanks for clearing that up for me.


The other concern I have is using the SBE II camo for Skeet. Have you seen very many guys using Camo guns on the skeet range? For me, shooting clays has always been practice for hunting anyway. And I think a person should practice with the gun they will be using in the feild. Am I right?


If I go with the SBE II then I would definately want to look at getting some extended crio chokes. Where is the best place to find extended crio chokes for the SBE II, and what are the best sizes for shooting Sporting Clays? Does a guy need all 5?

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Yes, the main reason is for ease of changing when needed. Either at the range, between stations, or in the field when you find out that the birds are getting up differently.


And no, I'm not a snob, but just the opposite I don't want to be snobbed. Not that those type of people have bothered me in the past when I brought my 870 and outshot the guys with $2000 O/U's. Thanks Tucker, I think I just made my decision.


Moral of the story - Get what I will use the most and don't worry about what anyone else thinks.And as far as the range is concerned, I've gain the respect of guys with "Pretty Guns" with a plain old 870 and I'm sure I can do the same with a SBE II.


As for extended chokes, I'll see how the standard ones work out and maybe I'll go extended next year.

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