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Introduction and mod questions

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Hi, my name is Adam and i have a Benelli Super Nova in the mail right now and i couldn't be more excited. I plan to use this gun to hunt duck, quail, deer and turkey but not until next season. Until then i will be out at the ranges learning how to use this magnificent piece of machinery as well as it was made. So until i start hunting with it, i figured i would work on getting a few mods. the first is going to be a magazine extension tube, except i cant seem to find one in apg. the next would be barrel ports as i have heard this is very helpful with duck hunting. Please throw out any advice you have about these mods, if i should get them, where i can get, and any other mods i should consider. thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and i am very excited to join this community.

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if this is gonna be a huntin gun you might want to check your local regulations because most place have a limit to magazine capacity. here in wi were allowed 1 in chamber 2 in mag for waterfowl. a longer mag may not be worth it for you. i believe you can send your barrel to briley to be ported.

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I would NEVER have a gun barrel ported. NEVER. Its an absolute waste of money. Reasons:


1. It cannot appreciably help recoil, despite what the advertisements all say.


2. In a duck blind, your fellow duck hunting mates won't appreciate the extra noise, and the occasional hot pieces of wad that come flying out of the ports.


What bigkuntry72 said is true. Except its not a Wisconsin law, its a Federal law. Migratory birds, no more than one in the chamber, and two in the mag, and it has to be plugged, so you physically cannot put more than two in the mag. No accounting for the honor system. Mag tube does you no good here.


Another reason not to add that mag extension is weight. If you load up 6 or 8 shells in your mag, your nice, light Nova just became a heavy lump you have to carry out in the field.


And really, how often do you think you're going to need more than 2 or 3 shots? For hunting, 2 or 3 shots is all you're likely to need anyway.


You'll be much better off getting acquainted with your gun by learning to shoot it, than any of those modifications will do for you.


Spend your money on shooting clay targets, and taking a wing-shooting lesson from a reputable instructor, someone with an NSCA certification.

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You might want to check with the range you plan to shoot clay targets at. Most of them only allow one shell in the chamber, none in the magazine when shooting trap, and one in the chamber, one in the magazine only, when shooting skeet or sporting clays.

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