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If Crio treated barrels are so good....

Liberty or death Jr.

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Hmm. Quite interesting. I wonder how that process stacks up against Benelli's. Admittedly, that was a lot cheaper than I expected it to be.


While I doubt cost is the only factor, I suspect it is a major one. The pumps are significantly cheaper than the semis and are, clearly, geared to hit a different economic bracket of consumers.

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cmshoot, did the cryo treatment make your guns shoot better? Cleric, even non-treated semi-autos are just as expensive, the beretta xtrema 2 is the same price and they aren't crio treated, remington auto-loaders cost a pretty penny too. The price difference is the same with most shotguns, the pumps are $300-$500 and the automatics are $700-$1500. I think pricing has to do with the semi automatic action, not the cryo treadment.

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Couple of questions on this thread:


1. I have an M2 which uses criochokes; I presume the barrel itself is NOT criotreated?


2. Is there any reason you must crio treat the receiver AND the barrel together, or can you just do the barrel?


3. Is it relatively safe for the finish?

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Well, I'm not supposed to be typing this, but there is talk of a SBEIII.


Some of the new features will be:


It will shoot low and to the right, instead of high and to the left!


It will stovepipe every round, not just the second or third. To do this, they're building a new perpendicular magazine so that the shells will stovepipe without even making it to the chamber.


It will be made of high carbon unfinished steel. You can also buy the "briney wash" kit to accelerate the corrosion even more.


Camo'd guns will be more realistic than ever, with their new proprietary "indigenous flora" camo.

When you buy the gun, Benelli looks up your house on Google Maps and determines which types of plant life are prevalent near you. They then cut a bag of leaves and twigs and glue them to your SBEIII for you.


:D :D tongue.gif


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