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Benelli M2 American


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Hey guys I have been looking into getting a semi auto shotgun for awhile now, and have been doing a lot of research on them. I was just wondering about the M2 American and if it is just the M2 with the comfort tech stock? Or if there is more to it than that? I would like to get just a regular M2 but if i cant find a used one then the American is in my price range. Also if you know any websites to look on that I might be able to find a used one would be great.

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M2 American is M2 without comfort tech stock. It only comes with 3 chokes and no hard case. Dicks Sporting Goods has about the best price on them. Hopefully, I'm getting one for X-mas. I have the M2 with comfort tech and have shot one without comfort tech. Save the money and get the American.

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Does it have about the same recoil as the one with comfort tech? How much is Dicks offering them for?


I cannot tell any difference in recoil. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about the little rubber chevrons sticking out (like mine). I am constantly pushing mine back in. Or water leaking in through the chevron or rubber comb. If you don't like the non-CT version, you could always trade, sell or just buy another stock. I see them on gunbroker and ebay for sale. You should not have a problem selling it. The bottom line: If the American was available when I bought my M2 with comfort tech, I would have just bought the American.


Dicks has them for around $899. I will try to ask for a discount the next time I'm in there. Doubt that will work in my store.

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