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Golden Pheasant

Matt D

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The photo is not clear, but I'm not sure what you have there is a "golden pheasant." Golden pheasants are virtually unheard of in the wild in the USA.


I'm guessing what you have is a ring-necked pheasant with slightly mutated pigmentation


Here's what a golden pheasant looks like.



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He has a golden in that picture, my neighbor raises them and lots of other species as well. Our club has even released some black colored roosters, they called the black rocks guess the name is from the city in Michigan they got the chicks from.

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The Golden Pheasant (also referred to as the Chinese Pheasant) is native to western China. The males have a yellow head along with some other color variations and morphology that makes this bird appear very differently than your typical SD pheasant (see timb99’s picture).


Matt’s picture is a Common Pheasant that has a gold/tan-colored body. Notice this bird has a dark green head (which is not seen with a Golden Pheasant).


We are seeing more Common Pheasants with variations in body color these days in SD. The likely reason for this is the practice of breeding pen-raised pheasants for release on farms to insure better numbers for hunters. The “Paid Hunting Farms” that release birds are definitely impacting the natural order. For now it appears mostly to be variations in color; I hope it never results in birds that have infirmities or less resistance to disease or adverse conditions (weather, “predator-smarts,” etc.). The worst case scenario is birds with genetic defects that reduce viability in the general population (instead of only genetic variations in color).


Pheasant hunting has become a significant part of the economy in SD. That explains the large number of released birds. I believe it would be much better to focus on habitat improvements and predator management.



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Imperial val:


Thanks I will post photos when I get the mount back.


Spike & TMAC

Thanks for the information, I think you are all right. From what I remember in under grad school for a degree in Bio Life Science the bronze color mutation has considered a golden in the US. Any way we look at it God was doing good work that day!

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