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SBE Trigger Problem


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Just received a used SBE I purchased online. Gun in extremely good condition. Fired today for first time and trigger not working properly. Nothing happens when I pull trigger, then gun fires when I release trigger? Any advice. The place I bought the gun is very reputable and agreed to take it back unconditionally, but they fired the gun before sending and said it worked flawlessly. any suggestions? thanks!

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i had 3 shells in the gun and it cycled properly once fired, but wouldnt fire until I released the trigger each time. i completely disassembled the trigger mechanism and there was no dirt or debris. All parts seemed to be in good condition and springs looked good. I'm totally stumped? when I pull the trigger the catching mechanism (on top and towards stock) holds onto the hammer, then when I release the trigger, that mechanism releases the hammer and it fires. ?????????

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Don't know if this applies to your SBE, but there are triggers known as "release triggers" that sporting clays/trap shooters will have installed in their guns. Pulling the trigger will set the trigger; releasing it will fire. Supposed to help overcome jerking the trigger...


It would be the first time I ever heard of one of these on an SBE, but ya never know...

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