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M2 barrel work

RC Parker

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I'm thinking about porting to help reduce muzzle climb on 2nd shots. I just can't get around the concept that if the forcing cone work is more beneficial and only costs $55, why don't I already have it from the factory on a $1200 gun? :confused:

"Because you are a knuckle-dragging American who shoots his guns too much. If the chokes do not help you, it is help you do not need...," to paraphrase what was said to a friend, over the phone, with similar questions.:rolleyes:

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Lengthening the forcing cone will help lessen deformation of the pellets when transitioning between the chamber and the bore. Most of the shotguns in the last ten years have forcing cones with more length when compared to the older shotguns.


Barrel porting means that should you dislike the blast that is now closer to you than before, your barrel is still ported and you can't change it. At least with a ported choke, you can always take it out and put a non-ported choke in. Muzzle climb is a hard one to quantify. A ported barrel is also somewhat harder to clean (I have a shotgun with a ported barrel).


BlackBore Chokes

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