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  1. Announcement: BlackBore Chokes is going out of business. ALL chokes are $40 each plus S&H subject to stock on hand. Check out website at http://www.blackborechokes.com and call 864-612-8347 to order.
  2. AmsterDan, There is no reason that you should not shoot slugs through your Supernova. As you said, your best accuracy should be with chokes of modified and less. Try different loads and see what shoots best for you. Also, be sure to use better sights such as a red dot, slug scope or high visibility glow sights to take advantage of the slugs. The Fed Tru-ball loads shoot very well through my chokes in my Supernova. Good luck and have fun! GTPSC (Mark) http://www.blackborechokes.com
  3. Here are some typical targets using the shotshell loads as noted through my BlackBore Tactical HD chokes. The targets with the triangles are 12" X 12" and the triangles are 4" square. The round targets are also 12" and the dark red center is 3". http://www.blackborechokes.com/index.php/chokes/tactical/patterns.html Thanks, GTPSC (Mark)
  4. Jester32 Sure, in most relatively open chokes, slugs can be used. We are talking about CYL, IC, LMOD and even MOD will usually give good accuracy. Please keep in mind that it is always highly recommended to try a number of different shotshell slug loads to determine what shoots best in your gun. I have always found that the Fed Tru-Ball loads shoot very good through most chokes! Another highly recommended item is some kind of red dot optic, shotgun scope or very good high visibility sights to take advantage of this type of load. Slug loads would be what I would have in bear country! Mark
  5. pete.jake, your Montefeltro should shoot fine with choke constrictions of CYL and IC constrictions. My BlackBore HunterPro HV chokes for hunting work great for buckshot and rifled slugs with wads. I call these constrictions Close Range (CR) and Mid Range (MR). It is always hard to get a "one for all purposes" type choke, so try to narrow down what is most important to you. Buckshot is usually for relatively close-in work and the slug reaches out a good bit further. Slugs especially do better for the shooter if there is a better method of sighting then just a vent rib barrel. A red dot si
  6. Egin, Your SS takes the Crio-type choke. The chokes that come with your gun are the "Crio" flush-style that screw-in even to the muzzle. The "Extended Crio" is the one with the extension of some length out from the muzzle. Give them a call. GTPSC (Mark) http://www.blackborechokes.com
  7. albrupacker, the SBEII uses the Benelli Crio-type choke and the Super Nova uses the Benelli Standard-type choke. They are not interchangeable. GTPSC (Mark) http://www.blackborechokes.com
  8. Don't want to be a blatant promoter here, but might I suggest taking a look at the BlackBore HunterPro HV chokes! They are fine for steel usage and will prevent the wad from interfering with the shot column to eliminate flyers. As has been said, the choke used depends on the load and distance (close in, circling the decoys or flying over for a look)! Pattern the choke you use and your favored loads to see what works best. GTPSC (mark) http://www.blackborechokes.com
  9. HH, Thank you for the great comments! Yes, I was surprised that the results were good using the Fed flitecontrol loads. GTPSC (Mark) http://www.blackborechokes.com
  10. Thanks for looking, tpaturkeyguy! Please note that I used the .680 constriction for those two patterns. A lot of hunters use even less such as .660 constriction, but I found it gave too tight a pattern with some loads. It's that balance of the concentration of the shot and the distance to the turkey where one has to decide on which choke constriction to use. GTPSC (Mark) http://www.blackborechokes.com
  11. tpaturkeyguy, HH is correct and I would add that the .680, .670 and .660 (in those ranges as every manufacturer seems to be different) constrictions ar the ones most often used in turkey hunting. The two biggest variables in finding the right combination are the shotshell and the shooter! That is why you need to get a box of each shell you would like to use and see what patterns best. Try the less expensive shells first as I have had great pattens through my chokes (you can check a few patterns on the BlackBore website). GTPSC (Mark) http://www.blackborechokes.com
  12. Vince, The Benelli Crio choke that fits your SBE II will not work in your M4, which takes the Benelli Standard. If you are looking for aftermarket chokes, you might consider my BlackBore Chokes! Thanks, Mark http://www.blackborechokes.com
  13. Greenhornet, you might go to a local Wally World and get one of those Limbsaver recoil pads with a sleeve that slips on to the stock over the existing one for a short term solution. Exchanging your stocks for one of the Benelli Comfortech stocks (in case your shotgun did not come with one) might help a bit. A fitted mercury recoil reducer (Benelli has one) could also help. Perceived recoil is always a tough one to diagnose and cure. Sometimes, the stock you have just does not fit you properly and getting that looked into by a stock expert may be the biggest help you can get. I do a lot of t
  14. Bello, All BlackBore chokes have a 2" extension. Thanks! GTPSC (Mark)
  15. All, For those interested, BlackBore Chokes (http://www.blackborechokes.com) now has the Tactical HD chokes for the M2's. The constrictions are Close Range CR (.730"), Mid Range MR (.720") and Extended Range ER (.709"). Of course, I have them for the M4's as well. This also means that the Benelli Crio-type are also available for the Benelli competition shotguns and hunting shotguns. If there are any questions, please email at [email protected] or call me at (864) 612-8347. The Bright Finish chokes for the Competition Chokes are $60.00 each and the Black Oxide Finish for Com
  16. I had excellent accuracy with the Federal Truball LEB127 RS load through my M4. You should get your best results with IC and LT MOD chokes. You can check the patterns I have gotten on http://www.blackborechokes.com under Tactical HD. Just so you know what you are looking at, the targets center is 3" with the clover leaf holes the slug holes. The other holes are from the "wad" of the Fed Truball load. Godd shooting! GTPSC http://www.blackborechokes.com
  17. GTPSC

    BlackBore Chokes

    Colorado and stealle, I have had to withdraw my initial offering for a discount to this forum because of rising stainless steel and S&H costs! I am still leaving the original price the same and will try to keep it there as long as possible. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Mark BlackBore Chokes http://www.blackborechokes.com
  18. dirtyb762, that is a "bummer" indeed. My condolences to you (especially for loosing the M4)! Hopefully, the pistol wasn't the favorite! On a lighter note, who gets the dog? Better days for you ahead. GTPSC
  19. Welcome to the Benelli Forum, Varnius! As for the chokes, as Stranger says, you need to tighten the chokes to a "snug" fit, but not so much that you really have trouble getting it loose! I always recommend that a shooter get into the habit of checking the chokes for tightness after a box of shells are run through the gun. It just takes a minute and you are protecting yourself and gun doing that. All chokes will shoot loose to a certain extent after some amount of shooting. If your choke becomes too loose, there is the danger of the choke coming off the sealing shoulder in the barrel wi
  20. ab5996, you might check with Comp-N-Choke http://www.comp-n-choke.com. They can cut threads for Browning Invector in your barrel if there is enough "meat" (he did one for me years ago). I realize the Invector is not Benelli Standard, but I don't happen to know anyone who does (there very well may be, so you can try Carlson's and Colonial Arms). Good luck! GTPSC http://www.blackborechokes.com
  21. leid, I commend you for figuring out how to do it and sharing with us all! Thanks! GTPSC (Mark) http://www.blackborechokes.com
  22. GTPSC


    M4Madness, I understand what you mean now! In the HunterPro HV for turkey, get the ER (Extended Range), which is .700" constriction or IMOD. It will also look great and serve as your tactical choke! Thanks, GTPSC (Mark) BlackBore Chokes
  23. GTPSC


    M4 Madness, any of the BlackBore chokes in Benelli Standard can be used in your M4. The question becomes which choke(s) works best for the applications you have in mind. I hate to put you off, but I recommend reading over the BlackBore website and then let me know what specifics you would like answered, which I would be happy to do! GTPSC (Mark) BlackBore Chokes
  24. GTPSC


    Hattles is correct and thank you Vague for mentioning BlackBore Chokes! M4Madness, your M4 takes the Benelli Standard threaded choke (the same as the Beretta Mobilchoke). At this time, I have the choke in HunterPro HV ER (Extended Range) which is .700" constriction. In Tactical HD, I have it in EER (Extra Extended Range) which is also in .700" constriction. This is like an IMOD, but tends to shoot tighter because of the extended parallel section. Please feel free to call or email me! Thanks, Mark (GTPSC) http://www.blackborechokes.com
  25. Smokin, the Fed LE127 buckshot with FliteControl and the Fed LEB127 Truball slug are some of the best out there! You might check my website, "hover" over the BlackBore Tactical HD chokes and a tab for patterns will pop up. They work great out of the BlackBore chokes (as well as others). GTPSC (Mark) http://www.blackborechokes.com
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