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  1. Thanks H&K! Don't know if I will ever put a collapsible stock on it, but the info is good to know. It is a great gun and I am using it in my testing program. If anyone is contemplating getting one, I highly recommend that you get it while you still can! GTPSC
  2. What about the 11717 which I have? Except for the camo finish, is it the same as the 11707? Can the 11717 take the adjustable stock? GTPSC http://www.blackborechokes.com
  3. GTPSC

    Limbsaver on M4

    Thanks, sniper! I will take a look at those. I am doing a lot of testing with my M4 and, while the gas gun helps alot, more help would save my shoulder a bit. GTP http://www.blackborechokes.com
  4. Mike,

    Have you made it back to LA to check what chokes you have in your 686? Just checking!


    As you know, I am starting up to manufacture screw-in extended chokes of my own design http://www.blackborechokes.com). I already have the chokes for sport and competition, but want to bring out an LEO version. This would be of thicker wall construction, black finish and, possibly, a forward edge for door breaching.


    Anyway, I am conducting tests with my chokes using various 00 buck loads and slug loads in my M4. Can you tell me what loads does the LAPD Swat uses and what shotguns do they use. If my chokes improve the performance of these loads, I can sell to this market.


    Mark (GTPSC)

    BlackBore Chokes

  5. Mike, does your 686 have the Beretta Optima or Mobilechoke? If you are not sure, the "shank" (that portion that is in the barrel when the choke is fully screwed into the barrel) of the Optima is about 2-3/4" long while the Mobilechoke is about 2" long. Also, what constrictions are you interested in? The finishes available are either bright stainless or matt bead blast. GTPSC
  6. Let me say something here on this. I am a small manufacturer of shotgun chokes (http://www.blackborechokes.com) and I have shot (and own a few) all types of shotguns with screw-in chokes. ANY manufacturers flush or screw-in choke will, sooner or later, shoot loose no matter how much you put the wrench to it! I always recommend using a good thread grease on the threads when installing the tubes. When you clean the gun, be sure to remove the lubricant as best you can as well. You might cultivate the habit of reaching up to the choke after a typical shooting interval and tighten them down by hand (of course, make sure the gun is not loaded and on Safe). If you really torque them in with the choke wrench, it will just be that much harder to get them out (and the possibility of damaging the internal threads of the barrel. GTPSC
  7. GTPSC

    Pump verses semi

    I'll bite on this one too and, hopefully, won't tread on any toes! You have no arguments from me with the semi vs pump discussion. They both have their advantages/disadvantages. As it stands today (my opinion here), I would reach for the semi (M4) if "social work" is needed. I would also have a pump as back up! The semi's of today are certainly far better than they have ever been with the latest technologies (Benelli M2 and M4). These two guns are very easy to clean and maintain. This is not the case with my Remington 11-87 or Winchester SX2. These are great shooting guns, but a lot more picky about their feed! When our new "rulers" take our sniper rifles (my deer hunting rifle), the shotgun (I hope) will still be around. GTPSC
  8. MikeG, my point escaped you entirely. I was using the Mossberg as an example of a widely popular shotgun with a particular feature that lets the pump (in this case a Mossberg 500) do the things that Duggan said it could not. I am not calling into question which gun I would rather have in a fire fight. That is for another discussion. GTPSC
  9. Well, now I have to differ with Duggan on a few of his statements concerning the operation of pump shotguns! Duggan says:" ... with pumps you have to load rounds in the tube, then pump, in order to accomplish the same thing" (in regards to loading a round in the chamber first so one can use it at need). Also, " ... it works better then the pump way" (in regards to changing the shell in the chamber without affecting the shells in the mag tube). I guess Duggan is not familiar with the Mossberg 500 action (also 590) that has been out there since 1961! As to the first statement, the Mossberg 500 pump allows the shooter to actuate the Action Lock Lever (slide release) on the bottom left side of the receiver in order to slide the bolt to the rear and unlock the action. The shooter can then load a shell through the ejection port onto the shell carrier and slide the forearm forward to chamber a round. The shooter can then load the mag tube or not, as the case may be. With the Mossberg 500 action, the shell in the chamber can easily be removed by actuating the Action Lock Lever and pulling back on the forearm to eject the round. If there are rounds in the mag and the shooter just wants to remove the chambered round, the Action Lock Lever can be pushed and the forearm pulled back slowly to bring the shell on to the shell elevator so the round can be removed. The bolt can then be pushed forward into battery on an empty chamber (or, another type of shell loaded to replace the one removed) without disturbing the rounds in the mag. Additionally, the shells in the mag can be removed individually without removing the shell in the chamber by turning the action over so that the trigger is facing you. Place your thumb inside the loading port and depress the cartridge stop to remove each shell. I also like the feature that the action can be put on safe at ANY time, even before any round is loaded. There are many shotguns without this feature. I bring this up in the interest of being accurate. There is a reason the the Mossberg 500 shotgun is so popular besides price! They have to be good to be sold to LEO's, Military and civilians in the thousands each year. I love all shotguns and have many in my safe, (M4 plus others). I have developed and will soon bring to market a new type of extended choke tube for shotguns (http://www.blackborechokes.com) if you care to look. I am not prejudiced against any type of shotgun, although I have my preferences. GTP
  10. GTPSC

    M4 Neutered no more

    I received my Camo M4 earlier this week and have the Carriercomp on order. I think I am gonna love this gun! I hope to shoot it this weekend! GTPSC
  11. I ordered my tube on 1/7/09 and am anxiously waiting for it to arrive. My M4 Camo should be in next week. I look forward to letting them "mate" soon after they get together! GTPSC
  12. GTPSC

    Got Me An M4 Camo

    Thanks Duggan for the very complete answers to my questions! I am sure I will have a few more when I get the gun. GTPSC
  13. GTPSC

    Got Me An M4 Camo

    Ordered it today and should be in next week. I also ordered the titanium extended mag from carriercomp! Now the question: 1. Is it possible (with due diligence on my part) to safely remove the factory "short" mag unit without messing it up (I have read the posted procedure on how to do it)? My intention is to reuse it when I take the gun to a "public range". 2. This also means that the carriercomp unit would have to be easily removable when I need to. Will this be possible? 3. Do I have to use Locktite each time? I could use the so-called easily removable one (purple I think). Thank you for your comments. GTPSC
  14. Cleefurd, I was too late to get one at Mike's Outdoors or even Scott's. I thought I saw somewhere on this board that a Jacksonville store had them, but now I can't find the link. Any ideas? Thanks, GTPSC
  15. Thanks, Cleefurd! Do appreciate it! GTPSC
  16. I am a new guy to this forum and will be purchasing a new (for me) Benelli. An M4 looks to be what I am looking for, but they are hard to find in SC (or anywhere else it seems). Cleefurd, could you refer me to the gunshop in FL? I would guess that they would transfer to SC. Thanks, GTP
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