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  1. That is a great looking shotgun there, dirtyb762 (and the young lady is a looker,too!). Your choke sure looks good! GTPSC (Mark) http://www.blackborechokes.com
  2. SX3, the shotguns you named take the factory Benelli Crio (Plus) chokes. This same choke is also the Beretta Optima Plus choke. BlackBore Chokes is in the process of getting the reverse engineering done and will begin production in the near future if you are interested. I will have them in competition, hunting and tactical extended versions. You should be able to find them from other aftermarket manufacturers. GTPSC (Mark-BlackBore Chokes) http://www.blackborechokes.com
  3. One Shot, it is possible that you have one of three types of chokes that fit your gun. To be on the safe side, please measure the choke you have for your 21" barrel as follows: 1. Benelli Crio Plus's conical section (the section that screws into your barrel) is 2-3/4" long, but the threads are 3/4" down from the muzzle. Also fits the Beretta Optima Plus. 2. The Benelli Crio's (old style Crio when they first came out) conical section measures 2-3/4" long and the threads are at the muzzle. Also the Beretta Optima. 3. The Benelli Standard's conical section measures 2" long from the muzzle a
  4. GTPSC

    M4 Upgrades

    Chuck, If you want to send me the choke back, I will always change it for another or give you your money back. I just wished you had contacted me first. I still recommend that you try a number of different loads in your shotgun as every gun shoots different! Have you done so? I have had a chance to shoot Winchester Ranger shotshells in my gun and have experienced very good patterns and bad patterns with different lots of this ammo. I frankly do not know why this is happening, but inconsistency in manufacturing may be part of the problem. I had better accuracy with plain old run of the m
  5. GTPSC

    M4 Upgrades

    dirtyb762, I appreciate the order! Will ship it Monday. If it doesn't work well for you, I want you to let me know! I also want to know of your success with it! I have a lot of customers who think very highly of the BlackBore choke, Tactical HD or otherwise, but I highly urge you to pattern your choke with a number of different loads. The Fed FC loads work great in my M4 and other shotguns and they should do the same for you. You may also find a different load(s) that work great that might even be cheaper to run! GTPSC (Mark) http://www.blackborechokes.com
  6. Unobtanium, While I am very into shotguns (obviously), I also believe that you need to live your dream and life to the fullest! If that means purchasing a GREAT car like that, my hat is off to you! Enjoy the ride! GTPSC http://www.blackborechokes.com
  7. Stranger, I don't see a choke on that great looking gun! Might I suggest http://www.blackborechokes.com/index.php/chokes/tactical.html! GTPSC (Mark) http://www.blackborechokes.com
  8. tasum, slugs are not a problem with chokes between CYL and FULL. You will usually get the best accuracy out of a smoothbore with slugs with some constriction (IC, MOD) but you really need to carefully sight in your slug loads. Hopefully, the barrel has aperture/rifle-type sights or you would use an optic. The Federal Truball is very accurate in most barrels I have found and there are other great loads out there. Take care! GTPSC http://www.blackborechokes.com
  9. planman, I would say that if you don't want to have more than the standard smoothbore barrel, it is the most versatile. You can shoot most any of the loads out there through it, whether shot loads or slug. If you are only going to shoot slugs and will use the rifle-type sights or an optic, get the slug barrel. But, as these guys will tell you, even a smoothbore can be very accurate with slugs using a load like the Federal Truball! GTPSC http://www.blackborechokes.com
  10. GTPSC

    M2 barrel work

    Lengthening the forcing cone will help lessen deformation of the pellets when transitioning between the chamber and the bore. Most of the shotguns in the last ten years have forcing cones with more length when compared to the older shotguns. Barrel porting means that should you dislike the blast that is now closer to you than before, your barrel is still ported and you can't change it. At least with a ported choke, you can always take it out and put a non-ported choke in. Muzzle climb is a hard one to quantify. A ported barrel is also somewhat harder to clean (I have a shotgun with a por
  11. DDragon, it looks to me that you are doing just fine with what you already have. Using IC for 15 to 30 yards is right where you want to be. By the way, what load have you been using? Just curious. GTPSC BlackBore Chokes
  12. DDragon, that is a good question with no easy answer. All the high speed pictures I have seen, all the articles I have researched and my own extensive testing when shooting shot patterns indicates that a shot column tends to extend (or string out, so to speak) as the constriction gets tighter! In other words, a Cylinder choke will have a shot column that looks like a pancake while a Full choke will tend to have an extended column. I am speaking generally here (not sure you meant BlackBore Chokes specifically) and this includes any manufacturers choke out there, mine included. It is also n
  13. Mtdeerslayer, I obviously have a bias about ports in chokes (http://www.blackborechokes.com). I came up with the idea to use a choke port to incorporate a "blade" in the port to slice pieces off the wad which will consistently slow the wad. This eliminates the chance that the wad will interfere with the shot column. Having said that, I also believe that relieving some of the gases at the end of the barrel will help to reduce recoil and, somewhat less, muzzle rise (but any help is always appreciated). This is very subjective so I do not attach any percentage figures as a value to go by. A
  14. GTPSC

    M2 barrel work

    I think you might see more benefit from the forcing cone work then the barrel porting. But, that is subjective at best so you will have see how it works for you. The cost sounds reasonable. GTPSC BlackBore Chokes
  15. In my opinion, I wish steel shot loads would go the way of the Dodo! I say this because steel shot is "hard" stuff compared to lead and the alloys. Steel shot is hard on barrels as well as chokes because there is little to no compression of the pellets as the shot travels through the barrel and choke. Imagine the pressure on the threads in the barrel and choke as the shot exits! The new alloy loads are easier on the metals and generally give better performance then steel. Steel loads, however are usually cheaper. When I got into the business of making my own design choke, I decided to go
  16. RC, since no one else has given this a go, I will give you my opinion. Benelli advertises that the Crio chokes have been given the cryogenic treatment that basically "freezes" the metal and gives the chokes a slicker surface. This makes them "easier to clean" and also give "better" patterns, etc. By the way, cryogenic treating does not harden the metal as many think. As a manufacturer of shotgun chokes, early on I considered having my chokes treated in this manner. But the cost added to the choke was more than I felt the customer would want to pay for an inconclusive and hard to prove ben
  17. Would love to see a pic before and after painting! Congrats for taking the initiative to make your own! GTPSC http://www.blackborechokes.com
  18. wave, as you know, the one you ordered today is on its way to you! Thanks again! Saym14, I believe Kip has an extended mag tube in the works if I am not mistaken. I already have his standard one on my M4 and might get a longer one in the future. GTPSC
  19. For those of you who might be interested, I have posted some Tactical HD patterns on the BlackBore website at http://www.blackborechokes.com/index.php/chokes/tactical.html. I used the CR, MR and ER constrictions with standard, inexpensive Remington 12 gauge 00BK 9 pellet shotshells. The gun used was my Benelli M4! Thanks! GTPSC (Mark)
  20. Wave, I do have the Tactical HD chokes available. If you haven't already seen it, there is an M4 pictured with the choke on the website (it is my M4). GTPSC
  21. Wave, thanks for posting my website! I appreciate it. Diabolus, the BlackBore choke does not have any spikes, studs, rings, etc. in the bore of the choke. The choke has "blades" machined into the ports and the force of the combustion gases forces the body of the wad and petals against the blades as the wad reaches the the choke. Slivers of plastic are sliced off the wad, slowing it down and preventing the wad from blowing through the shot column. As an aside, I realize that chokes with studs, etc have been in the marketplace for a long time. They do a decent job on the wad, but I bel
  22. I entirely agree with what Duggan said (and not because I happen to manufacture chokes)! Most often a change in ammo will do the trick, but that can be expensive too. Patterning the gun/choke combination is the only way to find out how your gun will shoot. GTPSC
  23. Squawberryman, you might be interested in taking a look at my BlackBore Chokes. The HunterPro Extended Range (ER) or Tactical HD ER will do the job for you. GTPSC http://www.blackborechokes.com
  24. dalmook, in case you are still interested, you can reach my website at http://www.blackborechokes.com. If you have any questions, please send me an email from the site or call me at (864) 612-8347.


  25. StrangerDanger, the CR (Close Range) is Cylinder Bore, the MR (Mid-Range) is like an IC and ER (Extended Range) is a tight MOD. CR is for close-in work (inside the house across a large room) and I consider that ten yards. MR is for about twice that distance (like a large garage), which could be up to 20+ yards. ER is for 25-35 yards in the real world. Because we are discussing shotguns here (and I am assuming the use of buckshot and possibly slugs where appropriate), energy starts dropping off rapidly (and accuracy too) as distance increases, especially with buckshot. I am a firm
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