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  1. AggiePhil, actually, I am the company and owner. I obviously believe in the choke I have developed and am always excited to discuss the choke, why it is different from any other manufacturer and why I think it will perform for the customer. If you ever have any questions, please let me know. GTPSC (Mark) http://www.blackborechokes.com
  2. Matt, Besides the choke at least "looking" like what one wants a "tactical" choke to look like (black, ports that "look" menacing), there are definitely benefits to the choke for better performance. 1. Ports have actual "blades" made into the port that slice and cut pieces of the wad off as the shot leaves the barrel. This "slowing" of the wad, in essence, "releases" the pellets from the wad as the shot leaves the barrel. 2. The shot heads on to the target and the wad does not"blow through" the shot column. This eliminates "fliers" of the individual pellets. 3. Chokes are made of 1
  3. Those are great looking M4's! But, I haven't seen anyone recommend a favorite tactical choke at the end of the barrel. So, let me suggest my favorite from BlackBore Chokes, the BlackBore Tactical HD! GTPSC
  4. Rezarf, if you want the BlackBore chokes, they are only available through the BlackBore website at this time at http://www.blackborechokes.com. Thank you for your interest! GTPSC (Mark)
  5. For 00 buck at that distance, you might look at the BlackBore Tactical HD in Mid-Range (MR) or Extended Range (ER). It will keep those pellets in tight and give consistent patterns at distance. I don't recommend using the flight control-type Federal loads as the blades in the ports tear this type of wad all to pieces and patterns suffer. The reason for this is that the Fed FC loads retain the pellets until a ways from the barrel. They do usually give good patterns in most guns I have found. The BlackBore choke, in essence, does the same thing by "releasing" the pellets from a standar
  6. Rezarf, you might take a look at my chokes at http://www.blackborechokes.com. I know a few here have ordered the tactical chokes and have had good luck with them. One of our LEO members, Mike Grasso, did a favorable review sometime back with one of my tactical prototypes. My recommendation is to do your home work and try one or two to see which works best. Also, be sure to try different manufacturers of ammo as every gun has a favorite combination, but you have to work at finding it! Your gun takes the same type choke as the M4 and other Benelli's. You didn't say what you will use th
  7. GTPSC

    BlackBore Chokes

    GB, I hope to have them by the end of the year. All BlackBore Chokes are made with 17-4PH SS and are rated for steel shot up through IMOD or Extended Range constriction (.700"). Thanks, GTPSC http://www.blackborechokes.com
  8. GTPSC

    BlackBore Chokes

    Guys, Continued thanks for your interest in my BlackBore Chokes. I have been selling quite a few of the Tactical HD chokes lately for the M4's, Remington's and even FN's. Please be patient (I know how hard that is, believe me) and I am still planning on bringing out the M2 version by the end of the year. Let me know if you are interested in competition or hunting chokes. Thanks, GTPSC http://www.blackborechokes.com
  9. Marc, As you know, Beretta owns Benelli and Benelli used the Beretta Optima design as their first Crio choke. As you noticed, the threads are located at the muzzle end with a long (compared to the Beretta Mobilchoke/Benelli Standard choke) conical section in the barrel. Then, Beretta/Benelli changed their version of the Crio to the Beretta Optima Plus/Benelli Crio with the threads located about 1/2 inch down from the muzzle. If you are looking for chokes, take a look at http://www.blackborechokes.com and you may see something you like. I have not started manufacturing the Optima Plus/la
  10. I can't help you with the tube, but you might suggest that he take a look at the BlackBore tactical chokes. http://www.blackborechokes.com GTPSC
  11. I plan to have the BlackBore Tactical version of the Crio by the end of the year! Sooner if there is a demand. Right now, I have at least 5 requests for the Tactical HD. Please chime in if anyone else would like one (looks like at least 2 here or more on this post). What constriction (CR, MR, ER, EER)? Thanks for your interest! GTPSC (Mark)
  12. I do plan on producing BlackBore choke in 20 gauge. Just getting started means that I will have to produce the most popular first, which is 12 gauge. Two years from now (or sooner depending on demand) is my best guess. Again, since I am just getting started, my margins are low due to low volume and scarce capital. A group purchase would work for me with volume discounts. This would mean that my CNC guy could give me a lower price that I can pass along. GTPSC
  13. BlackBore chokes is officially open for business! It has been a long haul, but that is one reason that I have not had much time to participate on this forum. If anyone is interested, please check out http://www.blackborechokes.com. I have a pretty good inventory at this point, especially the tactical chokes. If someone has any questions, please contact me through the website. As an FYI, I will be unavailable the week of July 26 as I am helping my son move to CA from SC! If anyone needs a choke shipped before that time, I should be able to do so up to Thursday of this coming week. I
  14. GTPSC

    Message For Ray H

    Bump (hopefully) for Ray H to email me at [email protected] GTPSC
  15. Ray, Please email me again at BlackBore Chokes so that I can reply to your question! The website was not letting me reply to you and I had to get Admin to work out the problem. I could receive, but not reply! Sorry for the problem! Thanks, Mark [email protected]
  16. GTPSC

    BlackBore Chokes

    agm65ccip (very interesting username): I will have the Benelli Standard/Beretta Mobilchoke styles at first. The Crio and Crio Extended will come later in the year. The price for the Standard will be $60.00 for BenelliUSA forum members. Standard pricing is $70.00. wornsoles: Thank you for the comment and I will so state on the website for my HunterPro chokes that they are okay for steel shot loads. All chokes are made of 17-4PH SS which is very tough stuff! GTPSC
  17. GTPSC

    BlackBore Chokes

    Some might remember a little over a year ago I indicated to the members here that I had developed a new type of shotgun choke and was in the middle of testing them. Mike Grasso of this board tested a first generation of my tactical choke and spoke highly of it http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18044. I have now soft launched my new website at http://www.blackborechokes.com for interested viewers to take a look. I am finishing up my initial stock of chokes of all types and they should be available for purchase sometime in April. At that time, I will offer a special price to
  18. It has been a while since I have had the time to post on this board. My time has been taken up getting my BlackBore Chokes to market. I have a tactical version that you might be interested in. You might remember when Mike Grasso of this board tested a first generation choke and was highly satisfied with it. GTPSC http://www.blackborechokes.com
  19. Hey Mike, I am more a Beretta guy for sporting so I will let the Benelli experts advise you on them. BlackBore is getting closer to becoming a going business and I am hopeful for June, but probably July. I will let you know. GTPSC
  20. dalmook,

    I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. My excuse is the combination of staying with my day job and trying to get BlackBore up and running. It looks like June or July is the soonest.


    I have chokes now, but they don't have a black oxide finish yet. They will be sold for $ 70-$80 range, but I am planning a special price for Benelli Forum members, so please be patient a bit longer.


    To answer your question, my choke does not have any problem with slugs (not unlike Patternmaster or Strangler/Wad Wizard chokes). Slugs will shoot with more accuracy if they incorporate a wad (so-called "rifled" slugs and other types with wads).



    I apologize for not getting back to you and I know I need to pay more attention to messages. I will let you know when I have them available.



  21. Michael P, please enlighten me as to why accuracy will suffer? What is the basis for your statement? Sabot slug loads have been shot out of M4's for many years (Leo's, military). I shoot them out of mine all the time (especially with my chokes) and they are very accurate (http://www.blackborechokes.com). Now, there are slug loads out there that do not use a sabot (wad), but they use a base wad of some type. GTPSC
  22. You can't get something for nothin', huklbrry! As the twist rate gets faster (1-7 from 1-9, say), your probability for stabilizing the heavier bullets (with greater accuracy) goes up. The slower twists (usually) do a better job of stabilizing the lighter bullets (55 grain are the most common and cost less then the heavier bullets, again usually). Decide on what bullets you want to shoot and get the twist that will shoot the best. Is there such a thing as the best compromise? Probably, but you will have to do some testing to find out. There is no one best answer. GTPSC
  23. I have the 12 gauge and they are fine guns! Sport shooters like me use Target loads all the time in these guns. They are built with this in mind. They will take a lot of abuse, but make sure the gas valve is clean! Also, try other brands of ammo to see if that helps. GTPSC
  24. Dooberman, I understand where you are coming from now! It is a great looking Sporting Clays gun (although I am partial to Beretta DT10's and 391"s). Now, you just need to get rid of that CompNChoke and get a real choke that works! GTPSC http://www.blackborechokes.com
  25. Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! IMHO, I would not consider it the "baddest" Benelli out there, but it is certainly distinctive! You will surely stand out in a crowd! GTPSC
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