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  1. Steel wool method is not recommended for chrome barrels. May get away with on slow speed
  2. Don't think the barrel length has much to do with patterns IMHO Great patterns 377!
  3. I bought a box of 3" 5 shot and tried it through my SN 26" with carlson ported turkey choke. Got a nice even pattern good out to 35yrd
  4. It may say on the choke itself. But from my experience No steel shot through a full choke
  5. Does anyone know mount to use for a super nova?
  6. I have a SN apg that is not tapped
  7. Thanks thats what I thought. Was looking at some on ebay they were saying it fits both. Made me question myself
  8. Was looking at them also. Let me know what you think
  9. Will a choke from a SBE II fit a super nova?
  10. Would love to hear about any experience's also!
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