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R1 .300 Win Mag questions


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I have a few questions about this rifle that I haven't been able to find thus far.


#1 What's the twist rate?


Can't find it anywhere in Benelli's literature and don't want to call them just yet, I know they're busy.


#2 What kind of accuracy are ya'll getting with these?


I've only been able to get a 2.5 inch group at 100 yards with 150 grain corelokts.


#3 Where can I get replacement fiber stocks?


Mine has nice wood furniture and don't want to trash it hunting like I do.



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LOL. Thanks tucker. I had to do a little looking but saw that my options that are automatically set when I signed up were set to show only 9 threads under the R1 section so I thought there was only 9 threads total for the forum and no need to do a search. I fixed it now so I should be good to go.


I also broke down and called Benelli since I couldn't find the info I was looking for. They were a great help and told me the twist rate was 1:11 for the .300 Win Mag, they told me the Comfortech used for the .30-06 would work for the .300 Win Mag, and that the outside dimensions for the .30-06 and the .300 Win Mag were not the same.


Again, thanks for your help.

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Accuracy results seem to vary a lot depending on who you talk to. My son and I both own wood stocked R1's, 20" Barrels, 30-06. Both shot about 1.5" w/ their preferred ammunition when new, groups as big as 4-5" w/ ammunition they didn't like (Anything over 165 grns...).


I've put many hundreds of rounds down my barrel and my son probably has about 200 now. My rifle will very consistently put 3 shots inside of an inch on target, sometimes much better. My sons rifle has shrunk to about 1.25". Definitely noticed accuracy improvements w/ more rounds fired (not that unusual for any rifle...)


Both of our rifles shoot the best w/ 150 grn loads. Both rifles seem to like Hornady 150grn SSTs very well, which work great for anything we hunt in Texas. For cheaper loads, the Winchester power points shoot noticeably better than the core lokts. Also the 150 grn PP shoot to the same POI as the Hornady SST's - just not quite as tight.


Try some different ammunition and put some rounds down range before you get to concerned about group size.



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