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Vinci owners help me sight this thing in


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18 Jan. 11


I hate to disagree with anyone but KB Fab is wrong. The shims, unless they are different from those on other Benelli and Franchi guns, adjust the stock for drop and cant. They have little if any affect on LOP.


To make the gun shoot lower, you want to see less barrel and want to increase the drop of the stock. If you look at the shims, you'll see that some are thicker at the top than at the bottom. You want to find the one that is thickest at the top and thinnest at the bottom. In theory, this will increase the drop of your stock and may make the gun shoot lower. As to right and left, cant may help there as well. One side of the shim may be marked L and the other R. Depending upon the way you install them, they will shift the butt L or R. I'd try it both ways and see if it helps.


All this is based on my assumption that the shims are the same as on my Franchi guns. If this is true, the highest numbered shim will produce the biggest drop in the comb.


If all this fails and you intend to use it as a turkey gun, put an optical sight on it and sight it in that way.



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You are correct on the way the shims work, Dumb Duck. You put the thickest shim in to drop the point of impact. It won't, however move the point of impact to the right. That you will have to work out. My Vinci shot the same way. A lot of them do. I also put a larger front bead on, and that helped lower my poi.Mike

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The one mark with a "C" will drop the shot.

Thats the one I was using, today I switched it to the z one and that worked alot better. I shot about 8 rounds on all of them and that one seemed to feel the best, however I think I might try a different turkey load than the Winchesters 3" 6 shot. Thanks for the help.

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DumbDuck and hognutz are correct. The stock shims adjust the stock’s drop and determine how high or low the gun shoots. If you want to change the length-of pull (LOP) as KB Fab mentions, you need to add or subtract at the stock’s butt plate.


My following comments are specific to a right handed shooter. A left handed shooter simply reverses my statements.


The shims determine how high or low your Vinci shoots. But, that also depends upon how you hold your head on the stock. The rear sight on a shotgun is your right eye (left eye for a left-handed shooter).


Adding complexity to the discussion… the more drop you install using shims with the Vinci, the more you are likely to be “over the stock.” In other words, more drop can result in a more right position of your head on the stock, and the result is shooting farther to the left side (and again, I am describing a configuration for a right handed shooter). The opposite (a straight stock devised by using a shim with less drop) is potentially pushing your head more to the left (for a right handed shoote) when mounting the gun, and you will shoot more to the right.


The trick is to use a shim that sets the drop, and then learn to position your head over the stock so that you shoot straight away (and not left or right).


When you buy an expensive two-barrel gun, the fitter determines the correct drop and offset for your stock. The Vinci allows adjusting drop, but not “offset.” That means you must determine the best drop (using the Vinci’s shims) that fits where you place your head on the stock in relation to the barrel and its front sight. Two different shooters may have the same impact point using different shims, depending upon where they hold their head on the stock.


I hope my comments are helpful :) and do not add confusion :o to this discussion,


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