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Which Benelli 20ga


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I am looking at Benelli 20ga shotguns for chukar hunting. The three choices I see are:


Benelli UL-20...5.2lbs, wood stock, 2 round magazine, no way to increase magazine capacity


Benelli Montefeltro...5.6lbs, wood stock, 4 round magazine capacity, no way to add one round to the capacity.


Benelli M1/M2...5.8lbs, synthetic stock, 3 round magazine, can increase magazine capacity.


Does this pretty much cover it?


What is the difference between an M1 and an M2 besides the stock?




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"What is the difference between an M1 and an M2 besides the stock?"




I believe the M2 is the 2nd generation model with the comfort tech stock upgrade over the M1...other than that, I don't know.

I shoot a 24" 20ga. Montefeltro and just love it for quail hunting...just a hair over 5 lbs.


Other 20 ga Benelli's are :

Cordoba @ 6.3# and 4+1 cap

Legacy @ 6.0@ and 4+1 cap

Supersport @ 6.3# and 4+1 cap

Sport II @ 6.3# and 4-1 cap


I think that about covers the 20ga semi-auto lineup.

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My Monte 20ga will be the last gun they pry from my cold dead fingers. I love that gun. It is great for pheasants in SD.


I am looking for a used youth model for my son right now.


They are tough to find and not cheap when you do. I'd suggest looking at Gunbroker.com or Gunsinternational.com.


Most used 20ga Monte's are in the $800-$999 range unles they've been abused.

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I have one of those little short stock Monty's in 20 guage. I'm almost embarrassed about how many Quail I've taken with that beauty, and more than a few Ruffed Grouse. I use an I.C. choke on Quail and Mod. choke on Grouse and Pheasants and some seasons I just leave the IC choke in the entire time. I stealth hunt without dogs and very thing flushes at or near mt feet. Shoot the cheapest 7.5 shot I can find (Wally World) and only carry two rounds in the gun at any time. Not sure why you feel you need a large capacity gun for Chukars (sniffing around for a HD gun?). The last Chukar I shot at was really fast and would have been long gone, out of range by the time I fired a third round, except for the fact I tagged him on the first shot.

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