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The accuracy of the R1 rifle


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I read some people are unhappy with the accuracy of there R1 rifles. I must say mine shoots very well. I purchased some different brands and bullets to see what shot the best from my gun. I shoot with an Aimpoint 9000L and it turned out the Winchester supreme XP3 150 gr.


I tried Remington, Federal premium and Hornady. with the 150's and 180's and too many bullets to list. But after all that time and money I spent. It paid off. my gun shoots perfect. I shot tighter groups than the bolt actions out there. I love the ability to shoot with both eyes open. its a sweet set up. O yeah...its a 300 WSM

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Helped sight in one the other day and I was pleasantly surprised with its performance. Was really impressed with the light recoil. Shooting Fed 55gr ball ammo it grouped pretty good. The only thing I disliked was the fact that you would need a chin weld on the stock to use any optic you would mount.

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I am working with my dads R1. I work with mostly bolt guns. I am trying to work up a load and this is what I am getting. I shoot four shots. Three measure .89 and the fourth is 4.5" away. I believe it is the first that is thrown. I have done this with different powders and am wondering if there is a fix to this. I went shooting the other day and put 20 bullets through this gun and got about the same thing every time. Three would be close and one a ways away. Any help thanks in advance.

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