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comfort tec chevrons


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Why would one want to?

They do nothing.


Benelli says they do something... :)




ComforTech® Plus Stock


The ComforTech® Plus Stock is divided into 12 synthetic, recoil-absorbing chevrons, arranged diagonally from the heel of the buttstock to a point just behind the pistol-grip. The stock is designed so that the exterior shell flexes outward to further dampen recoil. In combination with the ComforTech® Plus recoil pad, this design spreads the peak force of recoil over a longer period of time than any competitor’s claim.

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I just got a M2 this weekend and it has the standard Comfortech stock on it and was amused myself at the claims. They even provide a colored "stress diagram" to show how they absorb the recoil impulse. I'm with you though, how the rest of the rigid stock is supposed to flex enough to utilize the rubber chevrons is beyond me.


You post on SH ?

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