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What kind of sling do you have on your M4?

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That rear sling mount is sort of a PITA to install. You have to drill out not just the plastic stock, but also the metal bracket inside that acts as a tensioner to the installation nut. It probably took me an hour and a half of trial and error with the drill to get the two ends to meet together in the middle and screw into each other.


When using a shotgun, I leave it slung, so I can drop it to my side if needed. When the shotgun is slung, the existing mounts at the rear prevent me from seating the stock into my shoulder pocket.


Thanks SD, I guess I'll just have to pass on the altering and try out the sling with the original mounting ports.



Do you have any comments on a Belt Bandolier instead of the regular shoulder bandolier?

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Playing with the rear sling mounting locations will change the balance when it's hanging and different ergonomics when you shoulder the weapon. I also chose QD mounting options front and rear so I can remove the sling easily.


That makes sense... thanks for the clarification!

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I run a Blue Force,Vickers Combat Applications Sling with my C-stock.

I have no problems shouldering the gun with the factory mounts.




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