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GG&G sling plate


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Does anyone have experience installing the GG&G model 1350 sling plate on an M4 with the C-stock attached?


From what I've read, the installation process with the Benelli import stock requires removal of the buttplate to re-locate the mounting threads inside the stock (to compensate for the 1-2mm increase between receiver and stock interface caused by the plate). I am wondering if installation with the C-stock is even possible/ advisable, and if so, does one just screw it on behind the installed plate?


Also, does anyone with this setup notice the gap between pistol grip and trigger guard thus created, and if so, is it annoying?



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I just bought both the 1350 and the 1460 and am having issues with the instructions to say the least. I am beginning to doubt that either of these will work with the factory collapsible stock. Wish they would have mentioned that on their website if that is indeed the case. Calling GGG now!

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OK GG&G told me that it is not meant to work in conjunction with the factory collapsible stock. They said that some customers have had luck with it fitting because the new design is thinner than previous. I am assuming that has something to do with how the threads are placed in the pistol grip. Mine how ever does not fully collapse and therefore is not 100% will be sending both pieces back.


It does however look like it would collapse fully if i were to remove some material from the grip, making the notch a bit larger, giving it the extra room that was taken away by the approx 2.5mm thick sling loop. I refuse to modify my my $2000 gun to make a $35 piece work. I guess I will be looking into the Mesa Tactical mount, which I originally did not want to to its proximity to my firing grip.


Hope this helps everyone.

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