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M4 Spare Parts


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What spare parts should I keep handy for the gun?

I think something like the:

Firing Pin

Firing Pin retaining pin O-ring


and what else?


Oh and I got My Benelli M4 on monday and shot it on tuesday. I like it alot. I still have the Pistol grip on it, but that will soon change as soon as I get to the US I will buy the colapseble kit. They want to much here in Germany.

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I recently picked up a U.S. Marine Corps Tech. Manual for a M1014. It does not give any hints as to a spare parts list. From what I have read on this site, I have not picked up any info that would help either.


As for a telescoping/collapsible stock, your M1014 needs a a recoil spring tube with proper detents(047J), a pistol grip handle assembly (117J), and a telescoping stock assembly (265J). If I understand correctly and you have a pistol grip assembly (160J) on your gun. That is what you will need.


The owners here in the US of M1014's, item number 11701, have not been able to obtain the recoil spring tube to allow us to have our gun do what Benelli is now selling to the public in a M1014 item number 11707 configuration.


I advise you to get the parts there. In fact would do me a favor, would you please PM me about you getting me the parts that I need for my gun.



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Want an even better method?

The 'smiths at www.surecycle.com will replace the recoil tube with an all stainless unit that will increase the cyclic rate by about 40%. Better materials that you'll never have to worry about rusting out also.

I talked to the owner, and he said it would be no problem to machine those notches into it while your gun is there.

The action system is 155, plus 75 dollars worth of labor. Which includes polishing of the action and trigger assembly.

Since my gauge is going there shortly, I may have the notches put in mine for the day I bother to get the collapsible stock.


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The stock tube is already milled it came that way. :eek: It is not the nudert gun for the US LOL. (sorry) And it also has the full mag tube so I don't have to get the thing that you guys have to add over there.


But there has to be some parts that I should keep handy. The trigger group is the same as in the M1 and M3 (I think) there should be some parts that one should keep a spare. Don’t you think?


Oh is there a company offering something to reduce the Trigger pull?

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