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Nelli Girl! What time is it!?


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Well, you see, there was this other thread where some feller was too afeared to ask you about some thing or another, and since he was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof, I'll ask for him, but leave him nameless since I assume the retribution for this question will be -quite- severe.


Anyway, here is what old nameless wanted to know:


Originally posted by cherok9878:

tucker, since you are in this condition, I double dog dare you to ask Nelligirl where the cycle times for our Benelli shotguns are.....

Just ignore the "Originally posted by ..." information, it's most likely wrong anyhow. So, girly, what time is it anyway?
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Guys, have to make this short, it's raining "sideways" down here.

sdkidaho, your passing the buck, tucker said I'll ask, DIDN'T....mudhen said i want to....DIDN'T, I think "we" should compose a questoin for Nelli Girl and let sbeIIfan make the post, what do you think.........

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