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Mesa QD Swivel on M4 C-Stock

Super M4

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It can be a real PITA to install. There are multiple versions of it out there. So be careful where you buy.


If you buy an old one, Mesa will replace it if you ask.


It does not hit my thumb. However, the post is sort of long, so it causes the shotgun to want to roll away from your body when slung behind you. I find the pistol grip is usually pressed into my back.

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Thanks for the great pictures. I see what you mean about it sticking out kind of far. I doubt I'll ever have it slung behind me. I just need something to use on handgun transitions. When you say it's a pain to install, did you have to drill the hole out larger to get it to go in? Also what other versions are there of this? Do you mean other brands or just newer versions from Mesa. I would end up getting it from Mesa direct. I have a dealer account with them.

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The sling setup would be fine for a transition drill. Mainly it is just hard to recover the shotgun from a behind the back sling carry. If you dump it to the front weak side, it isn't even an issue.


Yeah, you have to drill it out quite a bit. The plastic grip is easy to drill out. There is a metal block inside the collapsible stock that must be drilled out. It's the block that retains the threaded nut that the pistol grip screws onto the recoil tube. You drive out the roll pin that is there.


The hardware in the new version screw together in the center of the grip. So getting everything drilled out correctly and aligned so that you can screw them together can be a real pain. A lot of trial and error is involved. Once the mod is done, there is no going back without replacing some parts.


However, if you 86'ed the sling mount for whatever reason, you could just leave the hardware in place without the sling mount cup to perform the job of holding the threaded nut in place.


Mesa had several versions of this mount. I originally received one that used a huge acorn nut on the right side of the pistol grip. That poked my trigger finger and was not comfortable at all. With the new version, I cannot feel it at all.


You'd be safe buying directly from Mesa.

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