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Is there a US Made Collapsable Stock for the M4?


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I see a ton of threads about original Benelli Collapsable buttstocks for the M4. Is there anyone who makes a US made pistol grip and collapsable buttstock for the M4 for 922® compliance? Also, as a newb here, Im a bit confused. I just got my M4 today. It has the standard pistol grip buttstock. Ive been reading this forum about 922 Compliance. Is it ok to change my standard pistol grip/buttstock to a collapsable unit? Thanks

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No US made collapsible stocks currently.


You can install a collapsible stock legally if you replace enough parts with US made parts. You need 4 prescribed parts to be 922 compliant.


Currently, 4 parts do no exist but hopefully soon will. Most simply do not care.


In the mean time, you can replace:

1. Full length magazine tube

2. Magazine follower

3. Forearm assembly


4 & 5. carriercomp hammer and disconnector. Currently in the works.


The collapsible stock will work on your M4 assuming you have a 11707 or 11717 M4.

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The 11707 is black, and the 11717 is tan. Both will work with the collapsible stock. The m1014 and the 11703 will require a new recoil tube to be installed. The m1014 has a flag on the receiver. The 11703 will have a neutered recoil tube.


Chances are, you have a 11707. If you have the box still, it should say so.


Freedom Fighter Tactical makes an exact reproduction of the factory handguards. There are several other railed forearms that would replace the existing handguards as well. Your best bet is the M80 or the FFT reproduction unit.

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