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I am a new Benelli owner and would like to get some opinions from others as to what brand of ammo is better than others. I have never owned a tactical shotgun before and will be taking a tactical shotgun class at the end of this month, the class requires slugs and 00 buck. Just looking for some input, thanks in advance for any help.

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Thanks for the info, I will get a picture posted soon. And as soon as I complete the course I will definately post the results. The course requires 50 slugs, 50 00 buck and 250 rounds of bird shot. Should be a good course, the academy is run by the head of the local SWAT team.

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"Foster" type slugs for a smoothbore barrel and any brand 00 buck. You have to try patterning the buckshot to see which brand your gun does best with. And ... you have to test group the various brands of slugs for the same reason. Unfortunately every gun is different, so you have to use trial & error. For smoothbore barrels Federal "Truball" slugs are getting pretty good write ups. :cool:


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