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M4 Cheek Riser


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Can anyone recommend a good M4 cheek riser for the sandard stock?


The riser needs to allow for an attached sling and stock shell holder.


I need the riser because I've mounted a reflex sight on the top rail and still want a good cheek weld.

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I see you guys are giving him ideas for a cheek riser for the standard stock.. Is there anything available for a collapsible stock? I would love to put a small trijcon sight on my M4, but there are times where I need to keep my stock collapsed, and as we all know there is no cheek weld. Any help

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I have my C-stock and use the Trijicon RMR without issue. As for a riser on the original stock, I sold one Complete stock w/riser to Kip for his father. I'll look around for a photo, but if not, you'll have to see if Kip can shoot a photo for you to see. It was custom and I will be offering it as a service as soon as I complete my shop and FFL licensing. I will also soon be offering Cerakote services for those interested. ETA is about 90 days out.





Ah,ha! I found the modified stock photo...



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