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slugs and barrells QQQs


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1. I have a M1 and use a rifled choke to shoot deer slugs (non-Sabot slugs) - any problem with this in terms of barrel damage?

2. If I didn't have a rifled choke inserted would I have a problem shooting slugs (e.g. come across a coyote while pheasant hunting)? If no, what factory choke would I want to have in my gun?

3. A friend just bought a SBEII and he has the same questions.

4. What do I lose by not having a rifled barrel?

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2.-no tighter than IC is recommended

3.-SBEII use CRIO chokes and are a bit different from the M1 chokes. I haven't been able to find a rifled CRIO choke yet.

4.-not too sure about the rifled choke vs a fully rifled barrel aside from the sights that usually come on a rifled barrel

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If you are not using sabot slugs through a rifled barrel or choke; it is my understanding that the rifling grooves fill up with lead after only a few shots. The rifling doesn't spin the soft lead slug as much as the lead just plows straight on out the barrel being scraped off as it passes over the lands. All of which happens under great temperature and pressure. Supposedly it's a pain to clean out after you've fouled the barrel. So, there is no damage; just world class fouling.


There are some cross-over slugs these days that do a passable job through a smoothbore barrel. Hastings Magnums, Remington Buckhammers and Federal Truball come to mind. I've seen quite a few guys using the Buckhammer with pretty good success.


You lose about 75 yards in range with a smoothbore. A common slug is realistically about a 75 yard gun in the hands of somebody who has tested and grouped it; AND knows how to shoot slugs. There are critical technique differences between shooting a rifle and slug gun. The new premium sabot slugs through a rifled barrel are accurate and ballistically capable of taking deer ethically out to 150 yards and even further. New Jersey is a shotgun only state, so I read everything I see on slugs and have tested quite a few. With an M1 Benelli and no scope, considering sighting down the barrel, and slug/barrel accuracy ... you probably don't want to shoot more than 75 yards anyway.


[ 09-29-2005, 11:49 AM: Message edited by: Butch-M ]

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1 - What Butch said - I think you will foul the rifling over time - a few shells are prolly fine though.


2 - IC is the usual choice.


3 - I'm guessing that Briley or Carlson will have a Crio Plus rifled tube before too long maybe now, maybe Rhino too?


4 - Benelli slug barrels are very accurate - I'd say there is no comparison between their 24" rifled slug barrel and a smoothbore even with rifled choke. But, no big deal out to 75-80 yards. If you are looking for 100-150 yd accuracy, the rifled barrel would be best.


mudhen - CA

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On the same line of questions- I have a Left Handed M2 Smoothbore. It is a great gun. I am looking for some slug options, however. I see on the web site that you can buy a rifled slug barrel for the M2. Does anyone have any info on price? Also, it says a modified foreend is required. What does that mean for me? Short of that, are there rifled chokes available for the M2? If so, are the worth anything, or should I just hold back to 50 yards or so a go with it? Any info would help myself, and I imagine kberyldial as well. Thanks!

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I paid about $400.00 for a smooth bore barrel to convert my SBEII slug gun for turkey & waterfowl. I'd assume a slug barrel would be in the same price range. I didn't need a modified forend because I had the slug barrel forend already. You needed it to go from smooth to slug, but not the other way around ... at least on the SBEII. One thing to look into; Benelli barrels can take eons to come from the factory, so try and find one in stock. If you're considering deer hunting with your M2, a rifled barrel and some decent optics is infinitely better than a plain smoothbore. Go to www.tar-hunt.com for a lot of good slug shooting information. Click on the "shooting guide" tab and read through by clicking on the headings listed down the left margin. Lightfield slugs are pretty good too. Quite a few guys I know use them and love them.


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