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I just bought a new M2 and Cordoda with the comfort tech system hoping to have a gun that "kicks" much less than others. Well, I certainly don't feel like either of them offer 43% less recoil. In fact, it feels to me like they kick as much or more than my old Rem. 1100. It's a little better than my O/U's but not anything great. Whats up with this? What am I missing?

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My new M2 has quite a bite as well. It kicks a lot harder than my Beretta 390 and every bit as much as my Beretta O/U which surprises me. I'm looking at adding some weight maybe since the mercury recoil reducer won't fit the M2. Don't get me wrong, it cycles faster than anything I've fired, but what a bite!

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SBE II / Comfortech - All the Way.


My bro has an SBE I, and I have an SBE II, mine DOES have a softer recoil.


I didn't think it really would, but it does. Plus every once and awile I reallly feel the kick from his shooting 3 1/2 inch shells. With mine I don't.


That's all I can say about that.

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