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SBE2 Ammo


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What's everybody's take on best ammo for the SBE2? I've had mine for years and can't seem to find the best shot pattern. I have a Carlson's long range choke tube, but it doesn't pattern well at all even with black cloud shells.


In fact, I haven't had a black cloud shell that has patterned well at all. Shooter error? I'd hope not.... Standing still at multiple distances right on target and was still disappointed. The only pattern that looked like a kill shot was at 30 yards.


Keep using the aftermarket choke?

Switch away from Black Cloud shells?

Any suggestions?



"If it flies it dies!"

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Yes I shoot a SBE2. I had similar results with this same choke and BB's. Also make sure you shoot a big piece of paper(4x6) so you can tell where the pattern is. I once had a SBE1 that shot so high I thought the pattern was poor but really it just wasn't on the paper. My SBE2 shoot high as well. I switched to the "c" and it's fixed it. Hope this helps.

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