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WTB Benelli M4 Factory Tube


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Welcome to the forum mvera339.


It's highly unlikely that a vendor is going to have a Benelli mag tube extension in stock.


Last time I checked, the Benelli mag tube extensions were selling for >$180 on gunbroker.com, which is about what you can buy an American made titanium full length mag tube for. Dave's Metal Works has FL steel tubes for a third of that. Additionally, adding an extension takes your shotgun out of 922® compliance (if that is a concern for you) and to bring it back into compliance you would have to add at least three 'made in the USA' parts to your shotgun such as handguards, magazine follower, hammer, or an Urbino buttstock. A 'made in the USA' magazine qualifies as one part on the 922® parts count, so if extra capacity is what you're wanting then it would be best to simply put a 'made in the USA' full length mag tube on it rather than trying to keep your shotgun 'all Benell'.

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Ya' what Sukhoi_fan said... except left out the SOCOMguy full length mag tubes. I've been making and selling these tubes for five years now with 100% customer satisfaction. U.S. made in my shop from 4130 chrome -moly aircraft grade steel, "Diamond-Koted" matte black polymer finish to match all the other black on your M4. I have tubes in stock now ready to ship at a new REDUCED PRICE of $145 includes shipping. Check out the hundreds of SOCOMguy posts on this site. Contact me at [email protected]


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